Pokemon GO | Writing Prompts

It’s the sensation that’s sweeping the nation(s)! That’s right Pokemon GO is kind of taking over my thoughts lately….well when I’m not working or attempting to be productive in other ways. So I figured why not get some writing prompts inspired by the game that’s making me want to take down my friends?

  1. You’re walking down the streets playing Pokemon GO and as you the “gotcha” sign comes onto the screen, it isn’t the Pokemon anymore…you were brought into the game.
  2. Talk about your experience as a Pokemon fan.
  3. Rewrite the Pokemon theme song with your Pokemon GO experience and knowledge.
  4. AU in which the Pokemon hunt humans.
  5. Create your own Pokemon, who is it? What does it do?

Okay so these are just some ideas for prompts with the Pokemon GO theme. Seriously, I am loving this game guys. I truly am. It connects everyone in my opinion. I find myself walking around my neighborhood and people will stop to give me tips as to when to evolve, or “there’s a bunch of Eevees over there”. I can pinpoint Pokeplayers from afar and it’s nice to see people enjoying their fandom. When I was a kid all I wanted was a Togepi and an army of Eevees for eeveelutions. I am so close to this. I was at work and some of the guests were playing, we talked about playing the game, our favorite Pokemon and our teams, why we picked our teams and so on. It is truly an amazing experience. I love being able to see people of so many ages enjoying something like this. Some people think it’s childish and that’s fine, maybe it is. But it’s healthy and fun and it unites a lot of people, so I love seeing people play. I love watching people talk about it online. I like it when people have a way to connect to their inner child, to have this “childish” thing that brings us all back to the happy times when we enjoyed Pokemon. It’s reviving that time for some of us. I loved Pokemon as a kid and I still do, but I hadn’t done anything Pokemon related in so long that this game is great to bring me back to those days.

I hope if you play Pokemon GO you’re enjoying it. Leave me a comment with your team and favorite Pokemon!

Best of luck!


P.S. here goes my team and level so far 🙂

PokemonGO avatar

No Clutter Summer

Heya Bloggers!

So in my experience in blogging, short as it may be, I realized that I am absolutely obsessed! Yes, obsessed, with certain blogs. Most of which deal with organizing life, and just handy things to know. I read an amazing post today by one of these bloggers and it got me thinking about a few things that I already knew. In this post she spoke of de-cluttering life, all of those things we don’t need just get rid of it. Which I do already, seriously pretty much every summer, Christmas, Easter, whatever break I get from school, I search through my clothes and shove a bunch of clothes into the “donations” pile. Currently, I have a nice chunk of clothes to be donated, and as much as the rest of my family stares at me like a mad person, I still do it. I give up shoes and clothes of my own and have made my younger brothers separate their own belongings, because seriously, young boys know what they like and what they don’t, they know what fits and what doesn’t. If you’re like my family, you probably have a bunch of stuff around that you just don’t use…ever. I’ve had clothes in the attic because of lack of space in my room, and by the time I see them again I just go “oh wow I totally forgot about that.” Which is sad honestly, because much of what I forget are things that now I see myself wearing constantly. So yes go ahead and read this post and see what tips there are that may help you. Personally, I can’t go along with the part about hobbies, because all I do is read, read, read…although I do have to admit I will be more than happy to get rid of those college text books I will never open again. As far as those pleasure books, I am very greedy about, the same goes with a couple of other things, but that stuff I can try and force myself in order to get rid of those crafts and such. I will, however, attempt to be good about getting rid of things that I don’t use very often hobby-wise. Wish me luck! Well kids, happy summer de-cluttering if that’s your sort of thing!

Best of luck, and let me know what your personal thoughts are as far as cleaning and clutter!


A Letter for the Future Grad….from High School

Dear Bloggers,

So here goes a post that is more life related. Today, while feeling like a gross mess of weakness and nausea I decided to write a letter. Not just any letter, a letter to someone that I know and love, a lot. This person has been there for me since the beginning of time-sort of. She has been around even when I didn’t know I wanted her to be. She’s one of my cousins, and my favorite one at that. I told her how much I care for her, and since she is going to be graduating high school next spring, at the same time period I will be graduating college and thus-travelling off into the real world. So in this letter I aim to tell her the tips that I have learned in my years here. I just want her to be prepared, and although I am probably the last person on Earth who should be giving anyone advice ever, especially about life since well, I barely have one, I decided I should probably give it to her anyway. Some of these things are things that I have experienced in my last three years, and hell, the list that is already bordering on 100, I will probably continue adding to it. I may add to this list, and perhaps even tell you all what it consists of eventually, except a few that talk directly of our lives. I don’t know that this is the greatest thing I will do anytime soon, but it’s still something that I think needed to be done. Why? I was the first in our family to completely leave the nest and go off to college. She looks up to me, she always has. So why not help her out a bit, give her a few tips that I have learned in my days as a big kid, as she embarks on this journey across the country, away from home, a plane ride away from family?

Feel free to let me know what kind of tips I should add to the list, I can let you know if it’s already there or if I had not thought of it. Be warned, it’s already up to 85 😉


Let’s NOT Judge Teachers on This

Hello again bloggers!

I’m not sure if many people have read what I posted before, or if many people will, but, to be hones-I’ve missed this. Sadly, a new semester has gotten to me and I have been beyond busy. That, is something I did not exactly expect, but I sure as hell have enjoyed it. Anyways, I found this lovely image in the nice world of pinterest. It’s a great website for storage of whatever in the world it is you are interested in, if you have no idea what that is. This image spoke to me, so here goes my little rant on why this image is relevant, in my world at least.



I have met many teachers, and many students in my twenty years of life, especially since I have been in school since I was five and am still going at it. Yay school, right? Anyways, I have had so many teachers, and sadly I’ve forgotten a few of them. However, I know that no test grades are not the way to evaluate your teachers. Not in this day and age it isn’t. Why? Because as a student who has unfortunately worried about grades, I know there are students who do not give two craps about school. I have sat through classes where the professor is there wasting their breath for the majority of students. I have sat through a high school biology class where I had to endure those kids that would make the teacher repeat himself a good five or so times, just because they “don’t understand”. Honestly, it was easy to understand the first time if you stopped talking to your friends, texting, ignoring the teacher, and being obnoxious. I’ve had very nice, very patient teachers, who are willing to help every student, even if it is the obnoxious person that always tries to make a joke, and the only one who laughs are their friends while the rest of us are sitting there rolling our eyes.

It is hard to sit through a class, as a student who actually cares, and see that there are people who disrupt the teacher so much that class itself seems like a waste. Yes, that also happened. I am pretty sure that one of my history classes made me suffer because we were disrupted daily. I mean how would you not be disrupted when you need to read your book, and answer questions in class, yet there’s that one person who lost their book the first day of school? Yes, that was sadly the biggest debate in that history class. How you lose your textbook after you get it the very first day of the school year is still a mystery to me, but this person managed to do it.

Anyways,  it is students like these, and sadly I had to endure like two classes in a row that same year with the obnoxious class clown who thought they were God’s gift to mankind, who make teachers look bad. They may eventually get their act together, but before they do, they give grief to the teachers and to those of us who actually care. You cannot base a teacher, their job, and how much time and effort they put into their lessons, and their students based off of grades.

These bad students are just part of it, honestly. There’s also the fact that not everyone tests well. I for one freak out when I know I have a test. No matter how hard I study I am always afraid I will fall short of my own expectations (usually 92+). I make stupid mistakes that I should know better, yet still they happen, which bring my grades down. I hate standardized testing. I really do. I needed to take them my junior year of high school, after not having done them for what? Three years? I was taking precalc, I was better yet, enjoying precalc, and suddenly I had to put that aside in a sense in order to dig deep into my brain to try and recall math I hadn’t seen since middle school and prior to that. One minute I was reading The Scarlet Letter, the next I was reading short stories, and trying to guess what the test makers think I should take out of them. I don’t know about you, but there are many different themes one can find in a good story. So, I am pretty sure that that is why I sucked at standardized tests. I hated them, they made me panic because no, we should not be made to stop what we are learning at the moment just to make sure that we are all standard, average. Shouldn’t we be striving to be above average? Thing is, tests are not a good way to measure intelligence in my world. What if I had someone close to me die before I took a test? What if before my SAT’s I lost someone I love, yet I still took the test? Guess what, I can promise you that I will not be in my correct mindset for that test. It will be wasted time and effort on my part, because well, someone died, or maybe I was sick and on medications as I took it, what if my parents had just gotten divorced? Many things can and do affect test scores. I should know, I’ve been dealing with them for a while.

So, because all of these different things affect a student’s performance on any given test, they in turn, do affect the teachers as well. No, the teacher does not fail at their job if they’re in a class full of goofs. No a teacher does not fail if someone failed a test because their dog died. The teacher also does not fail just because a student decided to play video games rather than study. If the teacher made sure to teach the material and offer to help prior to the test, guess what, maybe your kid is just not putting in the effort.

Anyways, that’s my little rant. Let me know your own opinions on this. Any agreements or disagreements you have comment them below, and until next time!



Boys and girls, friends. “Are you dating?”

Hello bloggers,

Okay so it has been awhile, and I am truly sorry for that. I think I’m going to have to change how often I post to just once a week. Either way, I’ve got a new topic for discussion this time. So yay, conversations.

So question: was I the only girl who would get the infamous “are you guys dating?”, “is he your boyfriend?” Whenever I was around my guy friends? I mean, I very distinctly remember this question being brought up at the middle school I had transferred to. I was walking around during recess with a friend who oddly enough had been at my previous school and moved to the same one I had. Naturally we were catching up and just talking. We were asked by one of his friends if we were dating. Which, is that the only way kids can be friends? Or anyone really. Because I have been asked this question not only in the 7th grade, but just about any time I was good friends with a boy. And I know others with that issue. Is it that weird for some people to see a boy and a girl who just enjoy being near each other and talking and spending time together without dating? Don’t get me wrong, yes friends can end up dating but, what are the odds that you will date every friend you make? Because this can and does apply to anyone.
I thought it was a dumb assumption when I was 12, and now at the lovely age of 20 I still think so. I mean really, there are plenty more things to say and ask in these situations. “You made a friend?” Just kidding children, be kind to one another.
So was this a worthless question/rant? What do you guys think?