Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hi there,

I’m sure you’re planning your special Valentine’s Day and you probably have lots of great ideas so far. However, if you’re like me and it just hit you…or you know…you’re very much like me and you hit a brick wall up until now, I have your back. Here are some ideas on dates, sweet things to do and just plain simple things to do to show that you care.

  1. Twelve Days of Love challenge just for you love-bugs.
  2. Love Yourself Challenge because you should really love you, and remember it.

Now onto (Simple) Date Ideas:

  1.  Have an indoor picnic (or outdoor depending on your weather and preferences). Use tea lights, candles, whatever suits your fancy and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Make dinner together
  3. Movie night! Seriously, watch a movie, pop some corn eat some whip cream.
  4. Visit a planetarium!
  5. Set up a blanket outside, get a projector and screen or use a white blanket and have your own outdoor movie.
  6. Coffee date! Seriously, it’s great you get coffee you get to talk and you get some kind of pastry because who has a full meal on a coffee date?
  7. Game night just for the two of you! You have some fun and get competitive, which can entail lots of laughter it’s great!
  8. Get dressed up and have a walk or drive, stop somewhere new and inviting.
  9. Desserts! All of the desserts; buy them or make them, add some whip cream or not (i would), and enjoy! Splurge it’s okay to take advantage of the day and eat sweets!
  10. Music: listen to it, dance to it. Hold each other close and enjoy the company.

Dessert Ideas: 

I may have a problem people, I can only seem to picture small foods and lots of chocolate and whip cream and everything that’s sweet for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Chocolate Brownie Cherry Cheesecake tell me this doesn’t make you think of romance. Some picture strawberries I think cherries.
  2. Three Ingredient Nutella Truffles Nutella is always a good idea people
  3. Cream Puffs because they look adorable and romantic
  4. Whip Cream I had to. I just had to, just add to everything.
  5. Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake I did say all I pictured was chocolate, right? Here’s more on that.

If you’re not great at meals, or just want simple things that aren’t too sweet and quick and easy there’s also these treats from Bethany Mota.


Remember to be present during whatever it is that you and your significant other decide to do on Valentine’s Day. Listen, cuddle, talk, enjoy the company of that person. If you’re doing something, have a blast tune out everything and everyone else and be with your significant other.

If you’re like me and have no plans, do any or all of the above anyways. Pamper yourself because that’s acceptable too. Have a movie marathon, read a great book, write some poems. Just remember to be happy and enjoy your day!




Valentine’s Day Themed Prompts

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and of course I felt the odd need to make a prompt…or two…or ten. It was ten I can’t lie. Anyways, here go the Valentine’s Day inspired Prompts, enjoy!

  1. What was the greatest date you ever had?
  2. Write about the worse Valentine’s Day so far.
  3. “He laced his fingers in mine and I knew that it was going to be okay.”
  4. Who do you love? Why?
  5. A day in the life of Cupid himself.
  6. We kissed, we kissed softly, as if savoring the moment itself. We kissed softly, we kissed to remember each other; taste, feeling, everything.
  7. A letter to “the one that got away” or “the love that never was”
  8. Red is the color of love, of passion, of lust. That’s how the people that come into the restaurant think anyways. Our walls are covered in red; red, black, the lights, the decor. Everything combines for these “passionate” people to fall deeper and deeper in “love”.
  9. Tell the story of the kindergartners that everyone thought would end up together.
  10. “She gave everyone a Valentine’s Day card so that no one would feel alone, and this is how she gets thanked.”

So those are the  prompts for now, I hope you all have an amazing day and Valentine’s. Also, bonus prompt /challenge here in a Love Letter to “Me”. Have a safe and lovely Valentine’s Day!



A Love Letter to “Me”

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed and have come to terms with the fact that many of us love things and people. We love to express and tell the objects of our affection what it is that makes us all tingly inside about them.

No really, follow me here.

We love to tell other people that they are amazing and kind and cuddly and adorable and perfect. Or that maybe they do something that is amazing and wonderful and perfect and you just can’t contain the overwhelming feeling of joy that comes along with the thought of it. You know, like how I have a super not secret crush on Gilbert Blythe to the point of creepy over protection of him and Anne and their lovely babies… BUT that’s a whole other story.

Anyways, I have a challenge for you. Yes, you. Don’t turn away, don’t scroll, don’t go away. Just hear me out.

I want you to join me in this month of “Valentine’s Day” and love and all that great stuff that comes along with it and write a love letter. That’s write I want you guys to write a love letter to YOU! I want you to pretend (if you have to) that you are your lover/ spouse/ boyfriend/ fictional crush/ celebrity crush/ whatever you need to be in order to get started. I want you to start out your letter the way you write letters, (or your loving other persona). Write a letter and describe why you love yourself. Do you have eyes that glimmer in sunlight? Write it! Do you have a way with words and make other people happy when they look at you? Write it! Tell yourself that you love the way you interact with babies, that your passion for whatever it is that you do is commendable and something to be applauded. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Maybe you give everything you do 100%. Do you always approach those around you with open ears and absolutely no judgement? Are you cautious? Do you make a mean cocktail? Are you so infatuated with your own laughter that you love your own smile and sense of humor? Tell yourself that. Right now!

I am not asking you to share with me if you do choose to write this letter. I am merely asking you to at least attempt to write it. Why? Because sometimes we do focus on other things and people. Sometimes we focus on everything and everyone BUT ourselves. Which is fine, it is entirely okay to be focused on those around us. However, we can’t lose sight of ourselves. We need to remind ourselves why we are lovable, wonderful people that are worthy of other people seeing our greatness.

I myself, don’t tell myself what I do well often enough. Most days I am more likely telling myself quite the opposite. Even when I know my own criticism is far-fetched, even when I know I’m being too hard on myself. I get very anxious, and I get very upset, and it takes so long to get those thoughts out of my head by the time ‘I feel okay again I am drained and have to bring myself up from square one. It’s sad, it’s irritating, but it is what it is. So if you are like me. Or if you are just in need of a quick boost, please do this exercise. Please remember to love yourself. Even if it’s for the little things. Go ahead, write it. Share it or don’t. But remind yourself of why you’re amazing.



Things I am Enjoying, January 2016

Aloha Protein Pouches:
I received an e-mail a few weeks ago to try this free sample of two Aloha protein pouches. I read the e-mail and figured that JustFab couldn’t lead me to anything I wouldn’t at least consider. I read the Aloha descriptions about their organic, and healthy products and figured why the hell not. I received these free samples within less than a week and absolutely loved them. I had my aunt try the vanilla flavored one with me and it was actually really good, even when mixed with spinach. So if you are at all interested in giving them a try check out their website here they have a wide variety of products from proteins to tea, sweets and more.

Wet n’ Wild Cherry Bomb Lipstick

I have a sliiight obsession with lipsticks lately and Wet n Wild is one of my absolute favorite brands. As a Christmas/ you would enjoy this present my friend Sierra sent me over some new make-up products to try out and one that I absolutely enjoyed is the Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb 918D lipstick. It’s dark and deep red and I absolutely love it! I’m obsessed with this brand, they’re durable and great for those of us on a tight budget. It’s a great color for winter in my opinion and I can’t seem to get enough of it. Plus the name just makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! Okay, I’m good, it’s out of my system.
Danielle has so many amazing looking recipes I just love when I receive e-mails with something new. Within the last weeks she has made me want to make a delicious Quiche Supreme and a variety of cheesecakes, and Cheesecake Bars <3! Not to mention how adorable her blog is, it’s one of the girliest places I’ve visited online lately.
Neely’s blog makes me happy. It just does. Maybe I’m just extremely vain or I am probably a goldfish and am attracted to pretty things but I find her blog very pretty to look at. It’s organized and just adorable. Her posts which are probably more important are a fun read, she talks in a way that makes you visualize what she’s talking about and puts you right there in conversation with her. So you may or may not feel like you’re sitting with her over a cup of coffee having a casual conversation with her. I totally feel that way. Some of my favorite January posts from her are: Dear 18 year old Neely, Winter Workout Motivation, and Ten Things to do for yourself Every Day.


Why Are Vegetarians Annoying?
A video in which Hank Green tries to understand why some people find vegetarians so darn annoying. It’s a good video that expresses what we all know, or should know. We don’t like being told that the things we do are wrong.
Who Am I?!- Some thoughts on Personal Identity

How to be Edgy
In this video Ryan Higa tries to teach us how to be edgy…in his very own Ryan-esque way. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Higa and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.

Tessa Netting

The 2015 Song- A Year in Review Uptown Funk Parody                                                                                     Tessa’s parody is catchy and witty and is just overall enjoyable since it does do a nice summary of 2015.
How to Adult

7 Steps to Buying a House
This one is a helpful video for those of us adulting but not entirely sure how to do so. How to Adult videos are pretty helpful and I’m sure a quick guide like this will come in handy when my time comes for purchasing a home. As well as lots of research to make sure that by then things are still relevant.

Blog Logo
Okay so I have been trying really hard to take my blogging seriously. I have wanted a logo of my own and in my head I had this perfect idea of what it would look like. So one of my friends, Alx, volunteered to see if he could work with whatever was in my head and he delivered!  I’m just going to post the logo here because well I love it. I just wanted to share it with you all. If you want to see the type of work that Alx does you can visit his art Facebook page. He has a variety of art projects he has done and a few of my favorites include his Game of Thrones pictures and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural, and of course the cosplays that he works so hard to perfect.


Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad is coming. I repeat, Suicide Squad is coming! And yes my not-so-inner fangirl is freaking out. The trailer that was revealed last year made me very excited because Harley and the Joker were as nutty as expected. A new trailer is out and come onnn tell me you don’t think this movie looks awesome! Will Smith is going to be there as Deadshot, and that alone makes me extremely happy. So this trailer news makes me very giddy. I can’t wait!

Fuller House
I am pretty sure that I am not the only person that loves a Full House marathon. I love Full House and am so excited to see Candace Cameron-Bure and the rest of the cast come back to play some of my favorite characters! Seriously the lovely, fantastic, overall amazing ship that is Becky and Jesse is coming back! The teaser trailer is out and I can’t wait!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way shape or form affiliated with most of the above mentioned persons. I just genuinely enjoy the products or content that they provide and enjoy sharing them with you all.

Shadowhunters Episode One

Okay, I am breathing, I am forming coherent thoughts…or so I hope. Back when I was in high school my friend Molly introduced me to this amazing series she was into…The Mortal Instruments. This was back junior year. Now it’s been about six years and I think we can all assume how overly excited I was when this series became a movie. Remember this?the_mortal_instruments_-_city_of_bones_poster The movie was good, stuck true to the book (except for Valentine’s hair and attitude…) I am trying so hard not to go to the bad place of overly comparing. Anyways, Shadowhunters aired just last night on Freeform (voice over: the new name of ABCFamily) and I was super hyped up. I love the series, plus it seems that everyone was well cast and ready to take these characters that I love so much to life.

So because my brain cannot seem to stop comparing the book from the show let’s see how this post goes.

Things that I enjoyed about the first episode:

  1. The cast seems great so far. I like the youthfulness of the characters. The Nephilim are strong and muscular but still have that young look about them.
  2. I like that they throw in the effects for the magic or not magic of the Shadow world.
  3. The runes look the way I pictured them. Not the black lines, I mean when they wear out and are meant to look worn out and blank or pink.
  4. The relationships so far seem to be staying true to the books.
  5. Character traits so far seem to be accurate. Jace seems to be Alec and Izzy’s brother for life; siding with Izzy on some things (ex. “demons dig blondes”) while also maintaining his parabatai relationship with Alec.
  6. Alec seems to be staying true to his nature by already giving me that amazing feel of “I can’t stand this silly red-headed mundane chick why does Jace even care? Can’t we just leave her in a ditch somewhere?”
  7. Jace’s overly vain nature shows up and it made me very
  8. Magnus Bane and Isabel Lightwood. That is all.

Things that I didn’t enjoy as much about the first episode:

  1. Jocelyn Fairchild/Morgenstern ran away without a trace of the Nephilim and her old life to escape her relationship with the Circle. To get away from the Nephilim and prejudices. The reason she stayed close to Madam Dorothea and Magnus was so she would know when Valentine would rise again. She wanted Magnus just for the protection he would offer when she realized Clary had the Sight. I didn’t like that she kept weapons in the show. She seems great don’t get me wrong but she had no intention of telling Clary in the books. I do understand why they did it in the show though but because I couldn’t get over it, I’m shoving it out there.
  2. Maureen…did she literally replace all of Simon’s friends/band mates?
  3. Why is it so hard to give Valentine the luscious blondness that both of his sons have? The reason people end up seeing him in Jace? Aside from certain mannerisms that is.
  4. Luke is a cop not a bookstore owner.


So it was already stated that there would be differences between the books and the show which sense, even I am intrigued by whatever the changes will be and look forward to being shown something maybe I didn’t consider. The chronological order so far is accurate enough while throwing in some (so far) interesting twists. We get to see Jocelyn throwing Clary over to Magnus and getting him to block her Sight. Episode one ends shortly after Clary’s two-day coma at the Institute.

So far as a book-lover I am pleased with what this show demonstrated and I am actually pretty excited to see what kinds of spins they toss into it. So if any of you enjoy this series or just started watching what do you think so far? Who are you excited to see on screen? What are you excited to see happen?

I for one will be happy when the vampires kidnap Simon…and then most likely in season two when they get to the Seelie Court…wowza! That’s quite some waiting isn’t it?



Dia de Los Reyes Magos

“I don’t do Santa Claus! When I was little I waited for Los Reyes” said my cousin Sherly, as her boyfriend tried to convince us all to wait for Christmas day to open presents for their now four month old son. That last part might be because we’re impatient people who don’t entirely respect the whole “opening gifts on December 25th” thing…anyways. Which is true, when we were younger we knew of Santa, but it wasn’t him that we awaited for in massive anticipation.

So today is a very fun and festive holiday…at least in Latin America. For many of us growing up in the Spanish Speaking world we are told at a young age that…wait…do you have kids reading this? If you are under the age of ten please ignore this entire post. Okay, are we clear of children? Good. Anyways, at a young age we are (sadly) told that dear old Saint Nick isn’t real. So who gives us presents? Who brings good little boys and girls goodies during the holiday season?

The three Wise Men, that’s who. Los Tres Reyes Magos: Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar. Therefore, we eagerly await until January 6th for our presents from Los Reyes.

The story of the Three Kings (as is it’s more literal translation) comes with the story of the three wise men who came to baby Jesus bearing gifts, as well as the termination of Christmas.

In some countries the way to celebrate for the arrival of the Three Kings is by preparing a cake called the: King’s Cake or Rosca de Reyes. It is meant to represent the crown of a king, within it is a small plastic doll used to symbolize baby Jesus. It is randomly placed so that no one may know if they are getting the “baby Jesus” this symbolizes the importance of maintaining the location of the newborn baby Christ a secret.

In other countries it is customary to leave; mints, water, milk, cigars, and grass/hay for the camels and or horses in a box under the children’s bed or in a corner of the home. These gifts are then “taken by the Reyes and replaced with toys”. As in, for you parents, the same exchange you would make with Santa ;).

So that is a quick, simple, and hopefully painless overview of this holiday. Some of my sources were: my mom, this, and this.




5 New Year Themed Writing Prompts

I know what you’re thinking, as soon as you read the title of this post your mind probably went “oh goodness can she please come up with something besides prompts?” Yes. I promise you I can, I really, really can. However, because of the holidays and my strange ways of being overly anxious and trying to get my life going and well lots of things that we need not dwell upon…

But what’s gotten me going is this. This whole writing, and reading, and reading about writing and writing about reading, and writing about writing…Most of which no one has seen…yet. Anywayyys, with the holidays, you know ‘Happiest Time of the Year’ it has gotten my creative juices flowing and I keep having ideas. Some more elaborate than others but whatever, so with all of that, I want you guys to have some ideas as well. After all, isn’t that what we’re here for? To share and help each other? Okay, I’m getting chatty again…So to get you all started on 2016 on the write foot (wow was that even a good joke?). Awesome, right? How generous am I this holiday season? 😀 So without further ado, here are my ideas for New Year Themed Prompts:

  1. “It happened right when the ball dropped…”
  2. What are your new year goals and or resolutions?
  3. Write about the worse snowfall the town had seen in years
  4. Write about your Christmas 2015 experience!
  5. “It was our first time in Times Square for New Years. It was supposed to be special, and I guess now, looking back it was. I suppose it started just as the countdown did…”

Okay, so there you have it kids. My (mostly) New Year Prompts ideas. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. Have a wonderful time, and Happy New Year if I don’t get to say again.