Hello there Lovelies,
My name is Gissel Carolina (Car-OH-lee-nah). I’m a twenty-two year old girl fresh out of college and I love books, kids, writing, certain t.v. shows, and other scattered out things. I really like to help people whenever I can, and I like getting to know people. I love spending time on Youtube, and if I could get paid to do all of that I would do it in a heartbeat. I love my baby brothers, and you will probably see the name Sammy show up a lot because we’re very close and that small boy motivates me. I’m random, introverted, and tend to have multiple conversations at once, I hop from topic to topic without warning usually, and you will more likely than not see that in my writing. I really just like to communicate, and do things. I get very giddy about things, there’s no real warning to it, but it happens a lot, figured you should know that. I’m also sarcastic so I hope that’s easy to catch onto…

I have tried so many times to make a coherent About page that expresses what I think I will write about, or what I already have written about while also making it interesting…however, that’s kind of hard right now especially because I keep doubting myself and where this blog will go. So I suppose I should just tell you from the get-go what to expect.

1. Posts about books
2. Posts about Youtube
3. Posts about writing
4. Posts about life
5. Posts about food (because I really, really like food)
6. Posts about things that inspire me and I hope will inspire you
7. Posts about songs that I like and find some meaning to, (same goes for t.v. and movies)
8. Posts about children, because there’s many kids out there and my family has a bunch and they’re so cute and I can’t help it. No I won’t try to help myself either.
9. Posts about clothing

So there you have it, I’m random, I’m childish, and I think everyone should read to kids. These are the things I think you can expect to see on this blog. Also, I ask questions to you as a reader/person, because I actually do care about what you have to say. about three

Fun Facts:

1. I am an ISFJ and proud of it

2. Ravenclaw is where it’s at, but don’t you dare insult the badgers!

3. My favorite blogs are: Organized Charm, iHeart Organizing, The Art of Manliness, How Sweet It Is

4. I would love to have lace kid gloves

6. I get very protective of Belle, as in let’s never do a live action after Em Watson plays her because I may not take it too well…

7. I am obsessed with Youtube, like I may make posts about videos and people on Youtube that I enjoy more often than not.

8. Speaking of obsessed, I can’t say that I will mean it if I apologize for Pinterest…ever

9. My life goal is to be a Lady; classy, sophisticated, poised, career oriented, family oriented, the works 😉

Best Wishes,


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