Ilvermorny House Sorting and My Interpretation

So like most crazy Potterheads, I jumped right on the opportunity to get sorted in Ilvermorny. I am proud to say that I am in the House Wampus. This house was “founded” by Webster Boot the adopted son of Ilvermorny founder Isolt Steward nee Sayre.

On the naming of Wampus House, J.K. Rowling said that “for argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster, it was the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong, and almost impossible to kill.”

The Wampus house favors warriors. It is a house that represents the body of a witch or wizard.

To me this seems to be related to not only the physical aspect of the body but also the fact that some people, yes myself included, are willing to exert themselves in physical activities. We are not afraid to push the limits of what we are expected to be able to handle. It’s more like we push our own personal boundaries in order to keep ourselves going, and face whatever comes our way. In a sense, I feel that those who are sorted into Wampus are hard to kill, hard to break…in spirit. I feel that they are not warriors in the literal sense of warriors, but in the things that life generally throws at us all.

Again this is just my personal, brief, very brief understanding so far based off of the information currently available and my own interpretation of what the Wampus House is all about.


What houses did you guys get sorted into? Wampus people, what interpretation(s) came to your mind as you read about your sorting? Please share your Ilvermorny thoughts with me! What information would you like to see revealed?


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