Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hi there,

I’m sure you’re planning your special Valentine’s Day and you probably have lots of great ideas so far. However, if you’re like me and it just hit you…or you know…you’re very much like me and you hit a brick wall up until now, I have your back. Here are some ideas on dates, sweet things to do and just plain simple things to do to show that you care.

  1. Twelve Days of Love challenge just for you love-bugs.
  2. Love Yourself Challenge because you should really love you, and remember it.

Now onto (Simple) Date Ideas:

  1.  Have an indoor picnic (or outdoor depending on your weather and preferences). Use tea lights, candles, whatever suits your fancy and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Make dinner together
  3. Movie night! Seriously, watch a movie, pop some corn eat some whip cream.
  4. Visit a planetarium!
  5. Set up a blanket outside, get a projector and screen or use a white blanket and have your own outdoor movie.
  6. Coffee date! Seriously, it’s great you get coffee you get to talk and you get some kind of pastry because who has a full meal on a coffee date?
  7. Game night just for the two of you! You have some fun and get competitive, which can entail lots of laughter it’s great!
  8. Get dressed up and have a walk or drive, stop somewhere new and inviting.
  9. Desserts! All of the desserts; buy them or make them, add some whip cream or not (i would), and enjoy! Splurge it’s okay to take advantage of the day and eat sweets!
  10. Music: listen to it, dance to it. Hold each other close and enjoy the company.

Dessert Ideas: 

I may have a problem people, I can only seem to picture small foods and lots of chocolate and whip cream and everything that’s sweet for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Chocolate Brownie Cherry Cheesecake tell me this doesn’t make you think of romance. Some picture strawberries I think cherries.
  2. Three Ingredient Nutella Truffles Nutella is always a good idea people
  3. Cream Puffs because they look adorable and romantic
  4. Whip Cream I had to. I just had to, just add to everything.
  5. Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake I did say all I pictured was chocolate, right? Here’s more on that.

If you’re not great at meals, or just want simple things that aren’t too sweet and quick and easy there’s also these treats from Bethany Mota.


Remember to be present during whatever it is that you and your significant other decide to do on Valentine’s Day. Listen, cuddle, talk, enjoy the company of that person. If you’re doing something, have a blast tune out everything and everyone else and be with your significant other.

If you’re like me and have no plans, do any or all of the above anyways. Pamper yourself because that’s acceptable too. Have a movie marathon, read a great book, write some poems. Just remember to be happy and enjoy your day!





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