A Love Letter to “Me”

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed and have come to terms with the fact that many of us love things and people. We love to express and tell the objects of our affection what it is that makes us all tingly inside about them.

No really, follow me here.

We love to tell other people that they are amazing and kind and cuddly and adorable and perfect. Or that maybe they do something that is amazing and wonderful and perfect and you just can’t contain the overwhelming feeling of joy that comes along with the thought of it. You know, like how I have a super not secret crush on Gilbert Blythe to the point of creepy over protection of him and Anne and their lovely babies… BUT that’s a whole other story.

Anyways, I have a challenge for you. Yes, you. Don’t turn away, don’t scroll, don’t go away. Just hear me out.

I want you to join me in this month of “Valentine’s Day” and love and all that great stuff that comes along with it and write a love letter. That’s write I want you guys to write a love letter to YOU! I want you to pretend (if you have to) that you are your lover/ spouse/ boyfriend/ fictional crush/ celebrity crush/ whatever you need to be in order to get started. I want you to start out your letter the way you write letters, (or your loving other persona). Write a letter and describe why you love yourself. Do you have eyes that glimmer in sunlight? Write it! Do you have a way with words and make other people happy when they look at you? Write it! Tell yourself that you love the way you interact with babies, that your passion for whatever it is that you do is commendable and something to be applauded. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Maybe you give everything you do 100%. Do you always approach those around you with open ears and absolutely no judgement? Are you cautious? Do you make a mean cocktail? Are you so infatuated with your own laughter that you love your own smile and sense of humor? Tell yourself that. Right now!

I am not asking you to share with me if you do choose to write this letter. I am merely asking you to at least attempt to write it. Why? Because sometimes we do focus on other things and people. Sometimes we focus on everything and everyone BUT ourselves. Which is fine, it is entirely okay to be focused on those around us. However, we can’t lose sight of ourselves. We need to remind ourselves why we are lovable, wonderful people that are worthy of other people seeing our greatness.

I myself, don’t tell myself what I do well often enough. Most days I am more likely telling myself quite the opposite. Even when I know my own criticism is far-fetched, even when I know I’m being too hard on myself. I get very anxious, and I get very upset, and it takes so long to get those thoughts out of my head by the time ‘I feel okay again I am drained and have to bring myself up from square one. It’s sad, it’s irritating, but it is what it is. So if you are like me. Or if you are just in need of a quick boost, please do this exercise. Please remember to love yourself. Even if it’s for the little things. Go ahead, write it. Share it or don’t. But remind yourself of why you’re amazing.




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