5 New Year Themed Writing Prompts

I know what you’re thinking, as soon as you read the title of this post your mind probably went “oh goodness can she please come up with something besides prompts?” Yes. I promise you I can, I really, really can. However, because of the holidays and my strange ways of being overly anxious and trying to get my life going and well lots of things that we need not dwell upon…

But what’s gotten me going is this. This whole writing, and reading, and reading about writing and writing about reading, and writing about writing…Most of which no one has seen…yet. Anywayyys, with the holidays, you know ‘Happiest Time of the Year’ it has gotten my creative juices flowing and I keep having ideas. Some more elaborate than others but whatever, so with all of that, I want you guys to have some ideas as well. After all, isn’t that what we’re here for? To share and help each other? Okay, I’m getting chatty again…So to get you all started on 2016 on the write foot (wow was that even a good joke?). Awesome, right? How generous am I this holiday season? 😀 So without further ado, here are my ideas for New Year Themed Prompts:

  1. “It happened right when the ball dropped…”
  2. What are your new year goals and or resolutions?
  3. Write about the worse snowfall the town had seen in years
  4. Write about your Christmas 2015 experience!
  5. “It was our first time in Times Square for New Years. It was supposed to be special, and I guess now, looking back it was. I suppose it started just as the countdown did…”

Okay, so there you have it kids. My (mostly) New Year Prompts ideas. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. Have a wonderful time, and Happy New Year if I don’t get to say again.





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