NaNoWrimo 2015: Pushing through the Plot-Holes

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? When you have an amazing story idea and you have these amazing characters in your head that talk to you and tell you how they all fit together? What keeps them as part of one story-line, and how you can use all of these different pieces of information to form your messy yet oh-so satisfying puzzle in the end? But then like all good things you find the flaws, why is this happening? What motivated this character to do this? Why is this ONE seemingly simple thing so complicated and why can’t I untangle that mess and get to where I need to be? You can keep going with the story and everything will go smoothly if you can get that one.little.thing! Right? You’ve just got to love that time of year: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo), where you let the voices out and write them on paper, or screen, or on your walls, whatever it takes to keep you sane and on your third cup of coffee a day…

Seriously though, it’s fun, it’s liberating, and it keeps you so pumped because you’re investing your time and efforts into something you love within a community of like-minded individuals, and there are very few things better than that, right? Yet somehow the scary monsters in our heads make us both love them and be completely frustrated by them…My (main) monsters to tackle for this years NaNoWrimo, and well every other time I take on a writing adventure: plot-holes.

Does anyone else freak out as soon as they find plot-holes in their stories? Like do you panic at the mere thought of that plot-hole, or worse, plot-HOLES? I do. A lot…So this year I decided I should prepare because I like where my story was going, I liked my characters, I liked my concept. I didn’t like all of my writing though…

I wanted to take the words on the screen in front of me and shred them at times. So I told myself that because I actually do care about the story and Sammy likes it, and so does my best friend, I had a duty to myself and to my brother who believes in me to finish this story. To edit like the wind and make it good.  So that’s what I did, this year I signed up for NaNoWrimo yet again, being motivated by the amount of enthusiasm of fellow writers, the illusion of having motivation.It was great.

So what do you do when you’re stuck? When you’re stranded and are missing teeny tiny, yet somehow crucial details? I’ll tell you how: with the internet of course! Okay so maybe not just that, you might also need a binder or Pinterest or both, and writing utensils.

I prepared for NaNo this year by starting out a story binder. I already had my Pinterest board set up for the story. Don’t look at me funny you know a lot of us do it now. We set up a lovely Pinterest board with ideal faces for characters, and pins full of information and scenery that helps boost creativity…Anyways, as you can see here I printed out images and set names to faces and wrote out bits of information.

Trust me, it helped. As I wrote one thing for one person secrets were revealed. I also printed out what I already had written out for the story and started to *gulp* read through and underline and highlight.


NaNoWrimoStoryBinder2015 (1) I admit it was a bit painful, why? Because a lot of it sucked! I wrote sentences that made me cringe and “why??? Why do you do this? Oh god that sucks take it off.” I also remembered that I purposely left things to suck. Why? Because I wanted to push through it. I wanted to get the main concept out of every scene. If it sucks, that’s why editing is a part of this oh-so painful process.

When November finally arrived, I wanted to find it in me to actually get to work, and I admit, it took a few days., and I didn’t update my word count every day. But I did finally join my regional NaNo group, I finally talked to people a bit…but every little bit helps. I had so much time this month to actually sit and write and edit and research that if I hadn’t taken advantage of it I was purposely screwing myself over. What I learned was that every little bit helps. I found backstories by re-reading, I found why certain things were just plain odd within the story and when read out loud. Some scenes were ahead of their time. Some things had to be built up slowly throughout, so I sprinkled those in more and more from the start (or whenever it was appropriate). So now I have all of these bits and pieces of information and somehow managed to create something that still needs loads of work. Yet still, I am proud because I have been able to work and edit and write and explore more of my characters and their stories and the things that makes them unique to me.

My synopsis, which I kind of hate doing because I am bad at summarizing, if any of you saw that painful post…Anyways, my synopsis ended up looking a little something like this:

“First there was the pain and the strange behavior from her family. Then came the transformation and the acceptance that came along with it.

Most girls get presents; a new phone, jewelry, technology, or even a party for their fifteenth birthday, but Kira Wilde isn’t most girls. No, for her fifteenth birthday, Kira gets a whole new world, new responsibilities, and a secret she had never so much as considered.”

And pretty much like everything I do, I don’t give much information because at least for now, it is still a work in progress. Plus I like the illusion of a mystery. I might have a problem..oh well.

So that’s one part of my NaNoWrimo 2015 adventure. Now please let me know what you guys did for NaNoWrimo, if you did participate. Share with me your personal feelings about NaNoWrimo in general. How do you prepare?




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