Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson

Hiya guys,

Okay so this book that I am going to be telling you about is for younger readers but trust me we can all enjoy it. I mean seriously it’s got witty comments by both of the main characters, Phoebe a fourth grader and her new best unicorn friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils. After Phoebe saves the very narcissistic Marigold from staring at her own reflection for too long she tells Phoebe that she will grant her one wish. This scene was probably one of the first if not THE first scene where I laughed because of Marigold’s response to Phoebe’s wishing for infinite wishes and money, and super powers: imafourthgrader phoebe and her unicorn of course after this and asking Phoebe for something realistic to wish for Phoebe wishes for Marigold to be her new best friend.

chickennuggetdream phoebe and her unicorn

We find out that Phoebe is an outsider as far as fourth graders go. She gets teased and made fun of, and even more so when she brings in her best friend the unicorn to show her class. To her surprise something called the Shield of Boringness prohibits anyone to be impressed by Marigold and results in Phoebe being made fun of even more. Phoebe teaches Marigold more about being human and has some witty comments to make to her new best friend. She wants to fit in and be popular with her peers, but eventually that stops being as important to her. She has someone to play with and that accepts her and her imagination which she uses quite often in this story.

Although Marigold is very self-centered she demonstrates more layers as the story goes on. She lowers the Shield of Boringness around herself so that Phoebe’s parents become more impressed by her because she knew it was important for Phoebe that her parents like Marigold. She also went to be ridden by Dakota, one of Phoebe’s less than friendly classmates who was also exposed to Marigold without the Shield of Boringness, and she promised Phoebe that she was still her best friend, she just had to do this for Dakota since it was her birthday. Marigold teaches Phoebe the importance of trying harder at her piano lessons as well. The two unlikely and very strange friends grow on each other and play games just like any other pair of young friends would…you know, despite Marigold being really old since she is a unicorn after all.

So if you guys want a nice graphic novel to read through or for any young kids that would enjoy reading this story, I would recommend it. There are some definite giggle worthy moments and adorable inserts of Phoebe’s dreams and imaginary visions.

Best of Luck!


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