Lady Midnight Sneak Peak


Okay guys so this time around the Nephilim starts out with Emma who is a Nephilim and knows it. She knows about the wars, and she knows who the Nephilim are and all of that good stuff. I was at first very drawn in because this time around well…she knows. Also the fact that it starts out while she and the rest of her friends; Julian, Cristina, Ty, Livvy, Tavvy are all learning about Shadowhunter history. We find out right away that Emma is parabatai with Jules (Julian) and that since last night he’s been a bit aloof and it bugs her, I mean come on why would you act like that with your parabatai?

Anyways, we are also introduced to their instructor Diana and Uncle Arthur who is the head of the San Francisco Institute which is where they are all living. Jules’ brother Mark had been taken by Faerie a while ago. There is an unwanted visit by Faerie into the Sanctuary despite laws that state that they really shouldn’t do that unless it is absolutely necessary. So they better have a good reason. They do, it’s the fact that there is a killer that they need help from the Institute to find…after all it’s the same killer that Emma and Cristina had been after.

Some of my personal highlights from this short sneak peak are for one thing back into Shadowhunter life! 2. Some familiar names were mentioned: Maia and Magnus Bane!!! Hello happiness! 3. This wonderful line from Jules: “If you ever speak to her like that again, there will be blood on the floor of the Sanctuary, and I do not care if they put me to death for it” (23). I personally just love watching Nephilim get defensive about their loved ones, it’s been a while since I’ve read up on Nephilim so it feels great to be back in that world!

That’s all I’ve got for you folks today, I can’t wait for the rest of this book to be out!

What about you, are you guys excited for more Shadowhunters?




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