May Highlights!

Okay so I figured why not share with you guys why May has been (probably) my favorite month this year. So far anyways. It’s been an interesting month but definitely a good one. So let’s get right to it, huh? Also I’ve never done this before so I hope you guys find it interesting at least.

1. Graduation!

I know it happened Sunday but it was still a good one. I mean really, it made me feel accomplished. I mean I survived! My family drove for four hours to go see me get my diploma, it was a great feeling. Also, they brought flowers. Which I really love flowers. Two of my best friends went to visit me for the weekend and we just spent the weekend together doing normal stuff but it was still amazing because they drove up to see me at least get ready. It was actually a really great feeling. They also gave me DIY graduation presents.

Look at how great this is! I have some pretty talented friends guys, I really do.

2. BEA!!

There is a post all about this here and I can’t say it enough it was amazing. It was truly an opportunity that made me feel confident and ready for the future. I know it sounds odd but it is absolutely true. I was just so elated even yesterday after I had the time to wind down. It was a great experience and I met so many nice people.

3. Family visit this weekend.

So this ties into the graduation thing. There’s plenty of graduations coming up and two of them just happened in my family. My aunt and I are the first ones to finish college in our family and it is a reason to celebrate. We celebrated hers, and this weekend my aunts and uncles came to celebrate mine. It was another big reason to feel happy. It was fun, and tiring, and exciting, and random, but it was great and I was very thankful for them all.

4. I learned how to change a tire!
Probably a weird thing to put as a highlight but I had fun. It’s a practical skill and if I find myself needing to change a flat well at least I won’t panic.

Those are my top three highlights for May. I hope your May was amazing!

Best Wishes,



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