BEA 2015

Good day everyone!

Okay so I had this fantastic opportunity to attend BookExpo of America this Friday. I know one day is not enough but it was. It was plenty, and it was amazing and I couldn’t be happier to have just attended and speaking to marketing directors and book lovers from different companies. I was able to also gain some amazing freebies of the book kind which is always a good thing. Always.

Okay so for starters, the reason I attended BookExpo was because I was meeting with someone from Schiffer Publishing for an informational interview/get to see publishing companies and book lovers. Jesse, whom I was meeting thought it would be a good opportunity for me to see what was going on and he was right. After I spoke to him and to his colleagues it was time to roam around for a while where I went and spoke to people from different companies. To explain that particular part of things just know that it was amazing. It was an experience that I truly needed. I am always very nervous about my social skills. I wanted to know about these people, I wanted to ask about the books displayed around them and I wanted to see if I was overly excited about books. I might have been. However, speaking with them I realized that they truly loved what they did. I could tell. Even as they just gave me a listing of what they do they had a certain thing that allowed it to come out as a definite “yes that’s just my day but it rocks”. They love books, they wanted to talk about books and they were happy that someone out there just looked and thought it was great.

So yeah everyone was kind and there was so much to do and see and read that I kept finding myself stopping in the middle of walking areas and staring at everything at once. It was overwhelming, yes, but it was so amazing.

Also I wanted to tell you all about some of the freebies that I received (more details to come). I got a sneak peak into Lady Midnight from The Dark Artifices. I started reading it and you guys will get the full run-down of that soon. I also got editions 30 and 31 of “Writers of the Future” which I cannot wait to dive into. Maybe I should have saved that for a witty pun about Tenacity, which is another book that has still not hit the stores. The other books I got were Winesburg Indiana and Phoebe and her Unicorn. I will make more detailed posts about these soon so that you guys can have a better idea about what each one is about. I’m actually really excited. I also got an awesome lanyard for Lady Midnight, a Shadowhunter Rune temporary tattoo (which I gave to Sammy), and a couple of bookmarks!

bea image

I hope you all have had a good weekend!

Best Wishes,



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