The Pressure is On

Gulp, so my graduation date grows nearer and nearer, and it is TERRIFYING! Seriously, it’s pretty intimidating guys. I have my cap and gown and tickets and now all that is standing in my way is finals. I also realized that the fear of graduation and the unknown that follows it has been creeping up on me because I saw a common theme in some poems that I’ve been writing this semester. These same poems are going to be the ones I share with you guys today. Now mind you I am not a poet but this semester I have had to try my best at it with one of my classes so I figured why not share it?

The Pressure is On

The pressure is on
The days of walking around late at night,
Holding back our friends’ hair,
Of screaming our frustrations into the night,
Loving our lack of responsibilities
Almost done.

The pressure is on,
Our time is running low,
To have midnight food runs,
Pulling all-nighters,
Not paying all our own bills,
To being this free.

The pressure is on
To get our degrees,
To figure out our lives,
To look at where we stand and beyond
To look for real jobs,
To figure out what we want.

The pressure is on,
To know that our degrees aren’t just decorations,
Or even coasters for that matter,
To know how to answer that dreaded question:
“What are you going to do now?”
The pressure. Is. On.

I would also like to take this time now to wish everyone who has finals and/or is graduating soon or just graduated the best of luck! I hope you’re all having a finals week with as little stress as possible.




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