Small Update on My Life

Hey there Lovelies,

Okay so I’ve been slacking quite a bit but fear not! It won’t be for long I hope. It’s been an interesting and slightly hectic time for me lately. Since last week I have managed to cut my thumb on my right hand, why is that relevant? Because that is my dominant hand and I am not supposed to do much with it until the stitches come out. “No baseball, hockey, dishes, and wear a glove when you shower, try not to  get it wet.” those were the words the nurse who dismissed me said. I don’t play sports so that’s good but I had started to carry a tennis ball around campus with me and just bounced it around as I walked. Now I miss it. It helped with my anxiety. But I will be back to that soon.

That same day I went to my fraternity’s formal, and it was pretty awesome! I spent time with some of the greatest brothers I know and also some of my best friends.

Formal Collage 450

The weekend proved to be a slight blurr seeing as I was barely out of my room for Saturday because my hand was in pain. We had our initiation on Sunday which was amazing, we welcomed some new brothers in and a lot of us went out to Applebee’s afterwards! Yumm!!

To make this a bit shorter, I am still recovering from my few maladies, and I will return. Now that my crazy things have been put out there here goes the fun part!


Making my own iced coffee has become one of my favorite things this week! Just add in a bit of sugar, milk, ice cubes. I also tend to add cinnamon and cocoa powder because I like both of those so depending on my mood I will do one or the other or both, because why not both?


Have you guys been watching Gotham? Because it’s awesome and also currently it makes me slightly terrified of strangers. Arrow I can’t even say much right now that rant will come guys, mark my words that rant will come. However, I am very excited to see Ollie finally took over the League of Assassins, I’m weird I know.

So that’s my life update for now. Hope you are all having a better time!

Best Wishes,



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