Earth Week Pledge

Howdy folks!

So Earth day takes place this week if you had forgotten (like myself). Around campus we are having Earth Week where the ECO club and everyone else gets extra Earth friendly. It’s great, we recycle everything as a group, help plant trees, host a massive clean-up and make a pledge to help the world a bit more.

I am kind of bad when it comes to certain environment friendly decisions, mainly because I live on my computer and tablet. It’s how I keep up with work and the world. However, I do work towards making sure that if things don’t need to be in use that they aren’t. So my Earth friendly decisions for life I suppose are as follows:

1. Unplug everything that isn’t being used

2. Use the windows for lights that way I waste less energy (plus the world is beautiful!)

3. Take shorter showers (seriously a 20 minute shower isn’t needed unless you were covered in poop).

4. Recycle

These are the things I can at least keep myself on top of. I can’t promise I won’t charge my tablet because that would be a huge lie and I’d rather not lie to anyone. Also I love using the extension cords with a switch, apparently you use less energy when you turn those off. Which is good for me because I have my lantern lights plugged in and at night my devices all charge as I get ready for bed. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Earth day/week and tell you what my ground breaking decisions were/are in order to try and help the world a bit.

What are your Earth-friendly goals? Do you have any? Let me know!




One thought on “Earth Week Pledge

  1. These are great little things you can do to help the Earth. I forgot it was Earth day too, but am usually pretty on top of low energy consumption. We have most things running on power strips in our house. The windows are our main source of light unless it’s dark out, and we try to reduce wasting water whenever possible. It’s all little stuff, but everybody should do their part.


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