It Finally Feels Like SPRING!! So Welcome It with a Bang…of Clean!

Okay so it’s finally feeling like Spring around my neck of the woods and I think one of my favorite ways to welcome Spring…and every season/month/whatever is by cleaning. Seriously I just like it. I love cleaning, having things fresh and smelling awesome. Fun fact about me: I am crazy about smells. Also, I love to clean, seriously it helps me de-stress and also helps with my crazy anxiety. If things aren’t neat and orderly around me I will not stop thinking about it to the point where I will not focus on anything but cleaning it. It causes a real problem when I have lazy days and there’s clothes out of place behind me as my desk is neat and orderly while I am doing work. Needless to say the work gets super stalled and slowed down because my mind is on “fix the mess!!!” mode. It just helps me feel better honestly, I like pretty and clean spaces so it makes sense I suppose. Anyways, since Spring is FINALLY here, I thought I’d give you guys some of my favorite little tricks for getting your own life in order.

1. Folders (computer)

This is a super simple method but it’s needed regardless I think. Now, if you’re like me you’re a hoarder, like I will hoard everything pictures of friends, family, old assignments, random musings, everything and more likely than  not I will shove them into folders on my desktop, causing it to look like a nice big mess. Kind of like the image on the left.

I even hoard things as I work, as you can see O.O
I even hoard things as I work, as you can see O.O

Then of course if you notice there are several folders that need to be taken care of (and yet still this is neater than it was two weeks ago.) So I have my one folder titled “Filing my Folders” (catchy I know, right?) Anyways in there I have my army of other folders,

Maybe I should stop sharing before you guys see how bad I can really get...
Maybe I should stop sharing before you guys see how bad I can really get…

So as you can see, there are many folders here…and if I click into let’s say my “Friends Things” folder we would find folders for my pre-college days, my Freshman and Sophomore years of college, Junior Year, Senior Year, and videos of friends. Yes videos are separate, it just helps me find them easier. So that’s just it, a file within a file, and if you organize them by year, or class or whatever else you guys want to sort your life by. It’s simple and at the end your desktop can look neater. This may not look too different but trust me compared to my mess where half the desktop was just files and folders all over the place this is pretty darn near perfect.

Still better than it was before. :D
Still better than it was before. 😀

2. The Closet

I promise it’s getting close to the end and I will try and make it less painful. Closet space is one of my favorite things to clean and organize, because seriously it’s where all the fun is at. Besides the desk and the bookshelves…You get the point. Anyways I tend to reorganize my closet a lot because sometimes I get lazy and just throw things back in if I decide that that’s not what I want to wear all day. So you know, in the mornings when nothing seems right? So I do fix that often. My current closet is a small walk-in with the rod up front and shelves in the back. I hang up my shirts, blouses, and dresses on my hangers and up on the hanging rod they go. Sometimes I organize that section by color, so my whites are followed by my creams and beige or yellow, whatever the next color is until we reach the black dresses off to the back. Another favorite method of mine is the categories, so I will put button-ups together, followed by whatever would be next longest and so on until at the furthest end is whatever the longest  dress is. Moving on to the shelves, I tend to put my pants nice and folded first. I categorize those, so my mid-calves and knee-high pants go on one stack followed by my colorful and or print skinny jeans, followed by regular skinny jeans followed by my regular other pants. Next shelf has my summer shorts on one stack, then my sweat pants and yoga pants and basketball shorts (pretty much anything I’d use to work-out in), and then the dressy pants that don’t get hung up. The third shelf has my skirts, so those are a bit easy too, the first stack is my flouncy, frilly skirts that I could wear to any kind of social event, followed by my  longer skirts, and then any skirt I would wear to a formal event.

3. Desk

Find something that works for you! Organize your pens and pencils and all that happy stuff in a container that will help you know where everything is even in the dark. I won’t go into details about my desk because I think a picture can say it all and much like my closet it gets reorganized quite often, especially the drawers because I am a hoarder all the time and I feel a weird need to file everything! Just remember if you’re like me and spend a lot of time on your desk at least make it fun for yourself. Make yourself happy to sit there, so if you have a cork-board and need it to be bright and sunny go ahead and do so, give yourself pretty trinkets to keep you going, whatever it takes! Good luck!

I usually sit here staring at the wall as I try to work.. I cannot tell a lie. :P

I cannot tell a lie, I tend to sit here and stare at the wall when my focus fails me 😛

4. Bed
The BEST and most useful piece of advice I can give anyone about cleaning their room is to MAKE. YOUR. BED. Every morning when I wake up, once I’ve resigned to the fact that I should be awake and off my bed I make that bed. I fix up my sheets and everything is good. Trust me if all else is a mess fix the bed and somehow it just looks better. If you don’t believe me try it yourself, go to your bed and mess it up if it’s made and then throw some stuff on top; laundry, books, whatever. Then fix the bed and put all the same stuff on top. It makes the mess seem smaller than it really is, I’m not sure how but it just does.
5. Room
Let the sunshine in! Okay so everything I have said so far are my favorite tips for that specific part. You guys should know though that as much as I adore a broom and mop and cleansers the absolute BEST way to get your room to be clean and smelling like absolute joy is to do something super simple: open up your windows. I’ve had experiences in the past where my living space just smells…weird. It’s one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on, maybe you took out the trash already and everyone did their laundry, but something still just smells. The way to fix it is to open up the windows, simple as that. The breeze helps everything, and the sunshine makes you happy. So why deny your room and yourself the magical cleansing powers of nature?

Best Wishes to you, and a happy Monday!



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