Lessons I learned as a Child part 2

Okay, so today I went to a seniors and alumni dinner where we were given some tips and tricks as to how we should behave when we go into a job interview and how to behave when we dine with co-workers. The event started out really well because for one thing…we had to dress for success! Which is one of my favorite ways to dress if you didn’t know just yet. I love the suits, the classy, the dressy, the work attire. Anyways, that was the beginning of this event, next came another personal favorite of mine: etiquette! Yup, we had to sit there and have our host tell us proper behaviors when dinning and so on. Again, a personal favorite of mine, I mean seriously some of these things were seemingly common sense while others were more along the lines of “huh good to know!” Again, personal life goal is to incorporate that into my life. You know besides when I have to set the table at home and my brothers don’t appreciate the effort of my proper place settings. Anyways, without further ado here is my “Lessons I Learned as a Child part Two!”

4. Dress Accordingly

Okay so since this particular post is being brought out now because I was inspired by this formal event I think it is safe to see where this particular piece of advice comes into play. I know that these days people are more inclined towards lounging about in their sweats and hoodies, comfort and ease of access is better than actually putting in the effort of dressing up. It may be because of my upbringing but sweats were always for the gym in my life. I find it very unnerving to wear sweats and yoga pants outside of their designated locations. If you do them as an every day thing that is a-okay. As long as we know how to differentiate between our every day casual lives and the professional spaces in which we should try to look as well put together as possible. Which, again common sense, but it’s one of those things I think we all like to be reminded off because it isn’t something we really think about too much.
As a child, I was also always told to “get dressed” when going out…anywhere. My mother would walk up to me if I was in a tee shirt and jeans and she would say “get dressed” which I would then ask “am I naked?” No, clearly I wasn’t. However, in my family if I was going out anywhere I had to be properly dressed. As in that outfit I thought was just fine was not going to fly within whatever situation I was going to be taken to. Sometimes it was something as simple as going to the mall, or visiting family, or going to dinner, whatever the situation, I had to “get dressed”. I would then be taken up to my room and I would watch my mother pull out a nicer outfit for me to get changed into. The process would go on to my sister and my brothers if needed. My mother would also go on to making sure that my hair was neat and tidy and that not a strand was out of place. Which honestly, I kind of miss someone else helping out with my hair. Anyways, that’s the “dress up” and dressing accordingly lesson I learned as a child. The thing is, that as a kid I thought my mom was kind of bonkers, but now it’s something that is engraved into myself. It is something that I do, and sometimes I am self-conscious about it because most of my friends aren’t like that. To them I am “dressing up” when I go hang out for simple things, and truth is…I just don’t know how to not do it, how to not try or look “nice” as some call it. I have tried and I have gotten better at toning it down depending on who I am with but trust me, this whole switching from cultural situation and groups of people thing isn’t as easy or fun as one might think. It kind of twirls with my mind to be honest.

5. Sit Like a Lady

Maybe this one is one of those Princess Diaries things but I think we all know what I am talking about.
Sit with your legs crossed. I will be the first to admit that I spend the vast majority of my time trying to find the easiest and most comfortable way to sit, that being said as I type these words my legs are pulled up on my chair with my knees only about a foot from my face. I cross my legs as if I was getting ready to meditate more often than not, and I just sit weird. It makes me comfortable.

See? Awkward… credit: Giphy

However, I try as often as I can to sit up straight with my head up and my legs crossed. Not the usual crossed but you know, the one over the other in a princess-like manner. It can be hard to make that a habit, I will admit it, and it’s even worse when you’re sitting at dinner trying your best to sit properly and you whack your knees against the table.

6. Don’t Do Anything You Wouldn’t Tell Your Father About

This little piece of advice I actually got from George Lopez. So if you never watched the show it doesn’t matter because I will tell you where this advice comes into play and why it is relevant to everything in your life…ever. So in this show George has a daughter, Carmen, who is well…she’s a difficult teenager to deal with. Carmen is often in trouble, she runs away, she has bad boyfriends. She’s that kid. In one episode George suspects her of having sex with her boyfriend and it doesn’t go well, they have a fight, yell at each other, you know the usual. Just as Carmen is storming off and away from her father she turns and tells her that she didn’t do it because she wouldn’t do anything that she wouldn’t want to tell him about. Which that made an impact on me when I watched it because I thought “huh, that’s actually a really good way to look at things.” So ever since then, I have joined social media, I have gone out with friends, boyfriends, to work, classes, etc. etc. and through all of those things I try my best to present myself in a way that I will not be ashamed of. Don’t take that to mean that I am some kind of perfect child that doesn’t screw up because trust me I do. What I mean is that I am not afraid of having my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa as friends on Facebook. If a co-worker or my boss adds me on social media chances are I won’t be embarrassed…much. I mean, yeah I might be because I’m really weird and I have really strange life events and I am one of those weirdos that thinks that if the memory was captured and I looked like a clown then as long as I was having fun it’s okay. But it also means that I will not have myself in pictures where I am showing off more than I intend to, I try my best not to show alcohol, I mean now that I am old enough to legally drink I do drink sometimes, but it isn’t something I am excited to throw out there into people’s faces. It’s just not the way I want to go about my life. I do childish things, and I do adult things and I can usually tell my parents about either one. They don’t need to know everything I do, but I sleep fine at night knowing that if they found out what I do at school that I don’t normally intend on telling them at least they won’t be afraid of the cops taking me away or wishing I hadn’t been born. So whether it’s mom and dad, or grandparents or whoever it is whose opinion matters to you, use them. Don’t do or say anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling your mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/boss/cat/whoever. That’s the real point of this particular lesson.
I see I have rambled quite a bit, sorry about that…or not. I’m really not sorry. However, it is late for me. So until next time!
Best Wishes,

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