What is a Summary?

       I didn’t understand the concept of a “summary” once upon a time. So I remember that when I was in 7th grade, the little bookworm that I was, I read one of my favorite series to this day: Anne of Green Gables. I had put off reading the series because well, at that point in time you get one new book and instead you go into the library and check out everything you possibly can and yet still have nothing to read about…right? So after putting off reading the Anne of Green Gables series for so long I finally realized I was at a slump and had to get my hands on a new book before losing my mind. I had to write summaries and brief explanations of setting, characters, etc. Which I really enjoyed doing. While the rest of my classmates were cringing at having to read a book on their free time I was praying that for the rest of my life that would be all the homework I would ever need again. So I read, and I wrote my version of a summary…I may as well have re-written the entire story.
       After a few of these happenings my teacher told me to tone it down and make the summary more…well summarized. Which I tried, I really did. But at the time no one else wanted to actually read so that was my way of sharing my enthusiasm. I just wanted to have at least my teacher know that I at least did the reading outside of class and that I thought the books I was reading were amazing and someone else should talk to me about it.
       So there’s that confession…
       Today I’m pretty much the same weirdo, I have learned to trim down my summaries, but I still love to just ramble on and on about the books that I like, or even don’t like. I love to talk about the characters and what I really think of them, which I’m sure you book lovers like to do as well. Now that that secret is out in the open…I think our book loving relationship can begin.

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