Sometimes You Just Need Family

I live off in college and although my family lives only an hour away it is difficult to visit since everyone is busy and by the time our days end we are exhausted. So I don’t get to see them too often. However, on days like this when my mother and brothers decide to visit just because they can I am suddenly a child again. I just want to be greedy and go out and explore things with my family and it serves as a mental cleanse. Today I went with the three of them to the mall and we walked around looking through stores, and I finally got some much needed boots. Thanks mom! We had lunch and then we came back to my campus which was less frantic than when they first arrived. Yet still we met people all around and I was able to introduce them to my friends which is always good. I think that sometimes we are all so busy with our work-filled lives that we forget that the simplest things, a scenery change or even just seeing a face you haven’t seen in a while gives you a fresh feeling. Honestly, it was a great way to spend the first day that felt like spring. My brothers played wall-ball and we watched a baseball game and they met some of my friends. I will call this day a success! I hope you all had a day equal or better than mine. Goodnight!

family for a day

Best Wishes,

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