How to Know Your Life Purpose

So a few months ago my friend Sierra showed me this article she found about finding your life purpose in under 20 minutes. At first I thought it was just one of those quizzes that come from somewhere in the internet and whatever, I’d ask her for a link later. She showed me her results and I was pretty creeped out because of how accurate it was, so naturally, I had to do this now. Quiz or not I needed to see, because well what if mine was as accurate as hers, and also I just needed to know what the universe would say. So she sent me this link and I read and read and skimmed until I realized nothing would come from me wishing this quiz I was expecting to take to show up. There was no quiz. I warn you now, there was no quiz at all. It was something different, and meditative. It’s all about you, it is about you and what you do and what you want to do and what you like to do. My results were pretty spot on, and I guess I wasn’t too surprised since my mind had already been going to that thought process for a while, and trying to figure out things like that. It was kind of surprising but at the same time, having it all in words that I could read made it real. It kind of slapped me in the face and told me “HEY pay attention because this is what you’re supposed to be doing. This is what you’ve been trying for.” Once you read it and you go through this process you may come back and tell me that I’m a goof, because it really is all on you. It really is simple, it is about you, as it should be. So go ahead check out the article and hopefully you’re satisfied with your results.

How to Know Your Life Purpose in Under 20 Minutes. (You know, just in case the previous link doesn’t work)

Best Wishes,



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