Lessons I learned as a Child

         So as a child there were lots of things that I learned. A lot of which I didn’t learn in a classroom, which that’s good too right? Learn all over the place. So I am going to share with you guys in a series called: Lessons I learned as a Child, what these things were. I tend to associate a lot of these lessons/ “lessons” with my being raised as a foreigner both in and out of the United States. With that being said I would really appreciate you guys sharing in your personal experiences and telling me if any of these things are things you also have had in your life. I can tell you guys now…some things I learned sound pretty weird even to me. So I hope you enjoy this segment!
Lessons I learned as a Child
1. Respect your elders
          I was raised in a family that has high beliefs in the fact that we must respect our elders. They make mistakes, if as a child your parents or grandparents made mistakes that you question. If they were less than perfect and you still think about the past and get upset with something they did, you respect them. As they are older you should still be kind and courteous towards them, you should still offer them food and shelter. I feel that my family is filled with people that make mistakes and have always had their faire share of mistakes and decisions that I have disagreed with. But I have learned that the way my family handles these things (ideally, and not everyone of them does) is you move on and you continue to treat them with respect. They are your elders and as such they deserve at least a little respect. Despite their faults they are older and they did try their best. So if they tried to do you right but fell short of your expectations, that’s okay too.
2. Say “please” and “thank you”
        I think this one goes without saying. This is perhaps one of the things that is engraved into us as children and we know that we should probably just do it until the day we die. Remember to always be polite, the magic words aren’t alohomora or Wingardium Leviosa I know sad but it’s true, and they should be I agree with you. However, the real magic words are in fact “please” and “thank you”. When you ask someone to do something for you; pass the salad, help me decorate my house, etc. etc. Whatever else you need someone to help you with, always remember the please, and afterwards the thank you. Even if things don’t go as planned but they tried, give your thanks.
3. Think of others
         The world is not yours it also does not revolve around you. What I mean to say is: think of others, learn to think of someone other than you once in a while. Put others’ needs ahead of your own every chance you get without expecting something in return. Seriously guys it’s worth it. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but it truly is.
Best Wishes,

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