Figment Friday!

So I haven’t recommended anything from Figment in a while, and today I have found something worth being recommended again. This time: “The Toy Maker” by Aubrey Campbell. It’s not too long but if you guys have a couple of minutes to spare I think you kids will really enjoy it. The description that Aubrey gives us is this: “The toy maker’s work is renowned all over the world. His toys aren’t simply for play, they’re weapons of destruction, of murder, of bloodshed. When he finally realizes he’s gone too far…it’s too late.” I am a weird person and get interested in stories and books by covers and titles so naturally when I saw the cover for this story I had to at least read the first paragraph. Something about Aubrey’s writing style really drew me in from the start and I read it until the moment where I could have said it escalated quickly if it wasn’t for the fact that from the get-go it was meant to go as far as it did. So go ahead and read that story if it sounds like your cup of tea, and if not well I can hope I will find something better suited for you later on. Have a great weekend! 



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