Five Youtube Channels To Follow

Hello again everyone!

Okay, so it is not much of a secret that I love, no wait, love Youtube. I have been a Youtube fanatic since I was in middle school? Elementary school? One of those two. I used to go from watching anime on there because who doesn’t want to watch anime non-stop?! To music videos, or even AMV’s, please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers those? I moved on to expand my Youtube horizons into vlogs and all of those wonderful things. As of the last few years though, I have expanded towards not only the funny and goofy and cartoons and anime  section of Youtube, but also to the world of learning through Youtube as well. There are channels that help you do pretty much everything, if you don’t want to read it on Google, you might hear someone explain it on Youtube. Seriously, I rely on those two websites for many things. I’ve started following quite a few channels that specialize in helping us all understand the world a bit better, or just how to be a more educated or knowledgeable person on whatever subjects there are. So I am going to share with you all five channels that I personally think are fantastic, and a brief explanation as to why they are that way.

1. How To Adult

Is a channel hosted by Emma and Mike, and the two of them are on this wonderful quest to finding the perfect catchphrase…err.. I mean to help you and I function in the world of adulthood. They have these amazing videos where they share tips and tricks with their viewers about how to be adults. For example they have videos on how to: do your taxes, do your laundry, pick a roommate, apply for loans, create a resume, write a cover letter, apply for a job, ask for a raise, and so on. The list goes on and on, and the videos are not even 5 minutes long. If you’re a visual person, guess what? They have visuals to help you understand things better. They don’t lecture you, they go straight to the point, they make references to the t.v. shows and movies that I am pretty sure most of us watch or know of so that we can make better connections. Or you know, because you honestly can throw Harry Potter into everything. So if you need tips on how to be an adult, I highly recommend giving this channel a look!

2. Crash Course

Crash Course is the amazing channel that is pretty much school, but there is no homework, no test, no essays and you pick your subjects entirely. You can find John Green, Hank Green, Phil Plait, and Craig Benzine teaching you classes on things like history, literature, biology, physiology, politics, and my new personal favorite astronomy! Seriously they started the astronomy course recently and I can’t stop watching, because I love space what can I say? Sorry about my rant there. Anyways, you guys can check whatever playlist you guys want, they’re categorized by courses/subjects. They’re lively people to listen to (in my opinion), there are animations thrown in for better understanding, and if you’re happy to learn things on your own time then this channel is probably going to make you one happy camper.

3. Vlogbrothers

“Raising nerdy to the power of awesome” would be the simple and short description. If you’ve ever heard or seen someone say “DFTBA” and you wonder, “what in the world are you trying to say?” This is where that originated. This is the channel where nerdfighteria began their quest. This channel is hosted by John and Hank Green two brothers who are out there talking about all of the wonderful nerdy things that the world has got to offer. John and Hank will talk about pretty much anything; books? Yep. Movies? Yep. Television? Yep. Fun facts? Yep. The videos are under 5 minutes, it’s a rule. No really if they go over that there’s a penalty. They are excited about the same things that book lovers are and anyone who loves fandoms is excited about and they share in the excitement while also bringing us into better understanding of the world around us. If there is a world event going on that you don’t understand? They might have something to explain and let us know what’s really going on. I can’t promise you can get your news from there, but they do hit on some important issues to keep us informed as best as they can. Also, if you’re like me, you’re more likely to pay attention to a brief and to the point video about anything news related than an hour of dragged on newscast on television.

4. NerdyandQuirky

Sabrina is this enthusiastic and nerdy Canadian girl who talks about things. That’s my version of it, personally I enjoy her channel because she is nerdy and quirky and it’s wonderful, I’m sure most of us can relate to her. She talks about books and movies and what it is like to be a teenager and school and school and whatever else she wants to really. If you question my judgement she also does videos such as:  in which she explains her views on meninism in a satirical manner.

5. Good Mythical Morning

Okay guys, so at number five I am putting in Rhett and Link as my favorite morning talk show hosts. These guys talk about so many interesting topics, they’re funny and have a wheel of mythicality, what??? They recently uploaded a video about weird unsolved mysteries and it actually kind of frightened me. I guess that’s what I get for watching them before class early in the morning. Their videos are lengthier than the others I’ve mentioned but trust me, it’s worth the watch. They tease, they joke, they laugh and they talk about things that we all enjoy. No really, my ten year old brother watches them and has found them very exciting. Yet somehow I couldn’t get him focused on Crash Course. Baby steps then, huh?

Now I do not intend for you guys to automatically think that my opinion is awesome and you guys should immediately like these channels and the people behind them, but I do recommend them. They are interesting, and witty and they talk about things that personally do matter to those of us who enjoy our daily dose of nerdy things. So I hope you guys enjoy this post and the channels in it. If you guys think I should recommend Youtube channels or videos more often let me know. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and your weekends are warm and sunny! (Unlike mine). Leave comments, I love hearing from you all



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