“Arrow” & “The Flash”: Superhero Bingewatching

Okay guys so it’s time to talk about my not so mild obsession with superheroes. Yeah, you read it right, I love superheroes. I get so completely engrossed in certain things that it’s almost sad, but I don’t regret it. I don’t regret the days I have spent recently watching television and catching up. I have gotten so completely interested in “Arrow” and “The Flash” that now that I am finally caught up on both I can’t get them out of my head at all. To the point where I’m re-watching the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited because both heroes appear there. So I’m going to tell you lovely people why I am so completely, insanely, obsessed right now. Besides the fact that this happens when I really like something. So I’ll keep it short and sweet, highlighting only a few things okay? Let’s get started!

The Hero(es):

Oliver Queen is this really messed up rich kid who has been stranded in an island for five years, and refuses to tell anyone what actually happened in this island. He comes back to Starling City to fix the wrongs that his father along with pretty much every other rich person in Starling has made. Oliver comes back with a lot of new knowledge and skills that help him become the, at first, antihero: Vigilante/The Hood/Arrow. Yes he comes back dark and mysterious and trusts no one, but I personally couldn’t help but love Oliver right away. He is a complete mess, but at least he tries and knows that he needs help. He’s intuitive, for someone who was stranded alone for five years he keeps up with civilization pretty well. The things he has had to do in order to become the Arrow for some reason just make me love him. Yes he killed people, but he didn’t stay on that path, he learned to listen to reason and saw that there was another way to bring Justice to these people. I just always have a soft spot for the character that is broken and has a deep sibling bond. Which right when he comes back, we know that Thea and Oliver were close. So yeah, if my old rant on siblings is anything to go by, you know that even if Oliver had continued to kill I would still adore him just because of Thea, and he doesn’t kill the innocent…he just never stopped to consider that his victims may have families that would miss them. So despite his anger, secrets, lies, and the kills he made at first Oliver Queen has gotten to a happy place with me.

Barry Allen is the super sweet hero right from the start. We are presented to him as a child when his mother is killed by this colorful tornado in his living room, let’s leave it at that for now to keep it sort of safe, right? Barry works in forensics for the Central City Police. He’s got knowledge and talent because even before his powers as we can see from the first crime scene he investigates in the episode. We are introduced to his best friend Iris West and by the way that she talks to Barry we can tell that he already believes in the impossible. When he becomes the Flash/the Blur all Barry can think of is helping others. There was no hesitation from him, he was out to help anyone in need with his new abilities. So naturally he sneaks around to help others, and with the help of his new friend Cisco he rescues people from fires, robberies, etc. So yeah, it’s easy to see why I would like Barry, the kid is genuine, he’s kind , keeps his morality and humanity, and unlike Ollie, he doesn’t do well with death, nor does he inflict it.

The Heroic Teams:

Team Arrow is made up of (at first) of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, Oliver’s bodyguard/ ex military man and a genius computer scientist. Diggle keeps Oliver sane, he makes sure that Oliver doesn’t lose whatever morals he still has. He kicks butt, always has Oliver’s side, and comes up with better alibis than Oliver and Felicity do. He talks sense to Oliver, you know like when he gets blinded by the people he loves and refuses to see their guilt. Felicity on the other hand, yes he sees the better side of Oliver but she can also be considered a bit of comic relief. She’s the kind-heart that helps make sure the missions run smooth, she talks a lot and sometimes the things she means to say come out entirely wrong:

Now what did I tell you? She’s awesome, she helps Oliver and sees the good in him even when he swears his wrongs aren’t deserving of being seen as the hero.

Team Flash came together thanks to the accident that made Barry turn into the Flash. Staying away from doctor Sketchy..err..I mean West. We have Caitlin and Cisco who are friendly enough and smart enough to help Barry work on his powers and create a suit capable of withstanding his speed. Cisco is pretty much the fangirl in my eyes, he’s the guy that you know wanted to be a superhero as a kid and is just really excited that he knows one and is able to help Barry be a hero. He made Barry’s suit and helps him sneak around to save the day, he doesn’t see anything wrong with saving civilians if they get the chance. Plus when there’s no meta-humans, why not help the little guy? Caitlin is the logical thinker of the group; she knows that they have a responsibility to catch the meta-humans that are up to no good, and that helping Barry figure out what consequences there are with his powers is probably the best idea. Caitlin helps Barry when he’s in his coma and helps out when he decides that being the good guy in Central City is a good option.

The Villains:

Okay, so this is probably one of my favorite things to talk about. In “Arrow” the bad guys are everywhere, they can be your mom, dad, brother, sister, the sketchy guy in the alleyway, your best friend’s dad, that guy that helped you come alive before, etc. The bad guy is everyone. So pretty accurate to reality on an extreme level I suppose. There are so many secrets being kept that once a secret is revealed it’s easy to see how they came to wanting their vengeance or in some cases their reasons aren’t logical with the magnitude of their actions *cough* Malcolm Merlyn. Even the hero starts out as a bit of an anti-hero.

In “The Flash” there is the issue with normal every day crimes as well, plus the newly formed bad meta-humans. The meta-humans being so called because they were also affected by the same explosion that gave Barry his speed; except that Barry chooses to be heroic and help anyone he can while most of the other meta-humans choose to be vengeful and power hungry. Or in the case of Doctor Wells, he’s both for now.


Sketchy, sketchy man you are Doctor Wells…

Other Notes/Questions:

Is Thea going to be Merlyn’s puppet without knowing now or is she going to know what’s going on?

Is Wells a bad guy or is he the guy that thinks he’s doing great things for humanity but actually isn’t?

What were the writers thinking leaving us with that big of a cliffhanger in the mid-season finale of “Arrow”?

How long do we have to wait to be able to know who the yellow Flash is?

No seriously why would you leave us with that as a cliffhanger? How do you come back from that?!

Is anyone else going to see that Wells goes around killing people in his spare time, and live to tell the tale?

Is Laurel going to be allowed to become Black Canary and join Team Arrow now? Is Arsenal going to be team leader? Will Thea join them after finding out what happened? Will they tell her what happened, as in the whole unabridged story about Malcolm’s involvement?

How long until there’s another nice meta-human in Central City?

No really guys, I can’t wait. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for answers though, right?

Let me know what questions you guys have and who you like or dislike  from these shows. Share your thoughts with me!



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