2014 Highlights!

Hey everyone,

I hope that your holidays were well spent and that you are enjoying a relaxing vacation! So 2014 is coming to a close end so I figured I would make a post to wrap-up post about this year. So without further ado, here are my favorite things about 2014!
Highlights of 2014:

1. My nephew! Yes guys, I became an aunt for the first time ever this year so that has to be my number one biggest highlight of this year! Seriously this little boy just makes me smile every time. Whether I am near him or not I can always smile because of him. I love you kiddo!

Seriously, this face is number one!

Seriously, this face is number one!

2. My second highlight was accomplishing one of my childhood dreams. Seriously, as a little girl I told myself I was going to work there before I was in whatever my career was. I wanted to be like my auntie and well, there I am, dreams come true! And I felt like a Lady, I mean look I got to wear gloves! I’m a sucker for gowns and gloves and heels. highlights of 2014
3. My awesome Littles! I absolutely love my fraternity and I’ve realized that a large chunk of the friends that I trust are in that brotherhood. So now I’ve been given the chance to have Littles and they are simply amazing. So far I have enjoyed being able to get to know them and help them as much as I can in their journey into our brotherhood.

Those poor girls had no idea I was being that weird.

Those poor girls had no idea I was being that weird.

4. I love the number four. No really, it’s one of my favorite numbers. Anyways, the fourth highlight of my year has got to be finally finishing the rough draft of a story I have been writing. I mean I just finished it before drafting out this very post. I told myself that this post would have that in it and look at what happened! It’s a big step for me because I’ve tried and I have tried and tried many times to finish them and this one was the one. Yes, I am one of those people. I finally finished the draft and have even started editing on my own and from some comments thanks to my friends.

Book highlight
5. I survived! There have definitely been some strange things this year. I have had to learn to deal with a lot of personal setbacks and I have let myself down this year. But I have learned and I hope to grow as a person and make next year even better. So, why not celebrate the fact that despite all of the scary things that can happen in a year I can say that I am okay. Nothing happened that left me unable to smile so I think everyone can call that a highlight. Who is with me?!

I hope you all are having a wonderful  rest of the year and that your year has been as great as it could have been. Best of luck!



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