It’s Probably Not Funny if You’re Telling me When to Laugh

Okay so I have this problem and you guys can feel free to agree or disagree with me to your hearts’ content. Do you guys ever sit down to watch T.V. and when something happens from someone doing something ridiculous or someone said a joke or whatever the case may be, it was clearly done for humor but you just can’t laugh? I mean it happens to me pretty much all the time now. I can watch a t.v. show and no matter what happens the show should be a comedy, but guess who just doesn’t think it’s funny? That’s right, this girl. Then they have the laughter from the audience or the machine laughs, I honestly don’t know which all the time, but they play that as if they need to reinforce the fact that it was meant to make me laugh. Personally, when I hear the laughter from the audience in the show it just makes it even worse, I roll my eyes and sigh because well…it just wasn’t that funny. Sometimes I think it’s because I have no sense of humor, which it could very well be the case. Then I think to myself, I laugh at a lot of things. No really, I can scroll through Facebook and see one of those images with the silly comments on them and I will laugh for longer than any normal person should. I can laugh at old shows, can you say Fresh Prince? It’s just that most shows today, in my opinion at least just don’t have whatever that thing is that makes me an embarrassment to myself when I laugh endlessly about something completely out there. I mean really, when something is really funny to me I end up doing this embarrassing silent laugh that refuses to stop, and god forbid me from remembering it later because yes, I will laugh at it again! Now don’t get me wrong, I laugh at a lot of t.v. shows today, I do, it’s just that sometimes I guess I expect these “comedies” to have better jokes and gags in them. 

What do you guys think? 



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