Thank Zeus It’s Friday!

Heya Bloggers!

So I barely ever do anything with “TGIF” as it’s theme, but there’s a first time for everything. At least I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I do this. So this week has been pretty darn interesting for me, I went to visit one of my favorite people in the world for the first time in months.

Ice cream on a hot busy day!

This is Krystal, and she is the best cousin in the world. I had to take a few buses to get to her (3!!) but it was entirely worth it. When I finally made it over to her house she had a nice mini banquet prepared along with her friend Carolina. The two of them were busy making lasagne, mini quiches, and chocolate brownies, can you say yum?! After running about trying to not miss my buses I was exhausted and the food definitely made me happy. That and also I didn’t think she would actually do it. But then again bacon was involved in those quiches so bonus points!

Krystal, Carolina and I adventured about being our wonderful selves out and about hunting for bento boxes, which we sadly did not find. We had a lot of fun though, we goofed around a bit, caught up, watched youtube videos because we are actually really obsessed with youtube, and we had music, it was a relaxing day. We relaxed quite a bit and even caught up on Pretty Little Liars, someone please tell me they watch that too! 🙂 We had ice cream, and I tried to bribe Krystal into eating tomatoes. Seriously there’s something strange about people who don’t like tomatoes, or maybe I’m the strange one? That last one could very well be it. But my uncle has a garden with tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants, and other yummy veggies!! I was in love, and also pretty jealous because I would love to have my own garden! But soon enough I suppose?

Anyways, the trip only lasted two nights but we made the most of it. Krystal had her flight to Florida, and today she celebrates her birthday at the happiest place on Earth-Disney! Lucky her!

Other fun things for the week on my life would be:

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. I received this book years ago, I let someone borrow it before I could finish it and somehow the world has given me a new copy since I never got back the first one. -Insert sad music here-. The Secret seeks out to help us learn how to achieve our goals, get to where we want in life, basically it is trying to help us all learn how to get what we want in life. No matter what it may be.

Finally, the smaller part of the week, yet large part of my summer. I have a list of school supplies that I am going to be getting and I finally figured out what planner I will be getting (cross my fingers that I have yet to jinx it). That last part is a huge deal because I seriously have been on the hunt for the perfect planner since school ended last semester. So now I am just ready to go out and buy everything on my list. Wish me luck on finally having everything in order I suppose?

Hope your weeks, and Friday are treating you all well.



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