13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher

Do you ever read a book and just sit there and think about yourself? I mean, I know when I read a book, any book, I somehow just stick to that world. Whether it’s a fantasy read with fairies, or people so real they could be my neighbors…I just stay in that reality a while. Those stories become a part of me, and I end up taking a while to get back to my own reality…until a new thing comes along and I just have to devour that too. This time around kids, I spent all of today reading. Yay! Right?! I’m excited because I began and I finished it all in one day. However, now I’m extremely upset because if you like books, and you’re in a reading mood you know that when one book ends, another one must open. Is that a saying? Nope, woops wrong words. Anyways, I have yet to choose a new book, sort of. Luckily this one was not a book that’s part of a series, therefore, I can try and start my rehab. from that world for now. But the thing is, it was a simple book. A story that honest to God, could and I’m pretty sure does happen a lot. But, it got me thinking about the things that drive us to certain points in our lives.

In the words of Hannah Baker, it’s a snowball effect. One small thing happens and then somehow it links up to another, and then another, and so on and so forth until this massive avalanche just kind of makes sure to swallow you whole. Right? Recently there’s been so much just flying through my head that I found myself crying just because it was all I could really do. Now, the details aren’t important about my crying because it’d take way more than a few words to tell you guys the story…that snowball effect. Anyways, this book is just sticking to me, because it has so much going on inside of it, small, almost invisible things that happened but they had something to do with the greater bang at the end. That got me to think, yet again, about my own personal problems. It got me to think about things that I dislike. Now don’t worry kids, I’m not getting so upset that I will do what Hannah did. Don’t worry I promise you all I will not. If you’ve read this book, you know Hannah Baker, you know her 13 Reasons Why.

I, however, am not Hannah Baker, and honestly I won’t die just yet, I hope. What I am trying to say is that not only did this book get me to think about my own personal snowball effects, but also the effect I can have on others. I know that when I got to the chapter about Courtney, I almost felt a connection towards Courtney, except I’m not like her entirely. I mean, I try to be friendly to everyone, I do. I do not try and use people on purpose to preserve my image however, what image? I’m a space head honestly speaking, I live on a cloud, I’m often so spaced out in my own head that you could be waving your arms like an idiot two feet away and it would still take me a while to snap back…don’t believe me? Ask my friends… Anyways, I have days where I’m completely there, others I’m so focused on one thing or in my own thoughts I miss things. I don’t mean to be rude or seem like I only talk to people when I want to use them or whatever, so no I am not Courtney Crimsen, but for a paragraph to a page or so I felt maybe I was. That maybe I affected someone else the way Courtney did, except I kept reading and realized I was in the safe zone. There’s a lot in that book that we can take out and apply it to ourselves (duh). I have a few things that I continued to find myself thinking about as I read, this does not have to apply to everyone. These also, do not have to apply to people who have already seriously considered the path Hannah chose, and honestly I haven’t done them all at all times. I am not perfect, so I don’t always know what’s best. But I’m trying, honest truth, and no it’s not just because of this book.
My top lessons would be:
1. Tell the truth.
2. Don’t believe everything you hear.
3. Don’t spread rumors.
4. Be genuine, no really just be you, cheesy and cliche as that may sound.
5. Remember everyone has their own battles, so be kind as often as you can be.
6. What you do, even the small stuff, affects others, be careful with what you say and do.
7. Some people are hiding the hardest parts of themselves, if you sense something is wrong, sometimes just a smile and a hello might brighten their day.
8. Tony chose the right thing to do, if you sense something is wrong with someone, they may be considering suicide or self harm, get them help!
9. Sometimes the harm has already been done, you can only try to help before it’s too late.
10. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone.

Sometimes it’s too late to help someone, as I read this I saw what Hannah meant when she spoke of the snowball, it wasn’t just one thing it was a collection of things. She hit a point so low where everyone was bound to disappoint her, and that’s a pretty sad way to live. Had she had someone to trust and talk to maybe she could have been helped, but since everyone was expected to do something against her, there was not much left to do  towards the end- her mind was made up. So let’s just learn a little from this book. Let’s do unto others as we would like others to do to us, and try and be kinder towards others.


Have you guys read this book? Or anything like it? If so share with me! What did you guys get out of it? How did you guys feel afterwards?

Have a good summer, and best of luck on your reading kids!



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