What I’ve Learned at My Job This Summer

Okay so truth telling time kids; the most “work” I’ve done has been babysitting, like a lot. I’ve babysat my entire life pretty much. I started helping my mother out when I was about seven and my first brother was born, and if you know my family at all you know we’re like Shadowhunters in the words of Jace Wayland “reproducing it’s one of our favorite things.” So that should sum it up for you guys, sort of. Anyways, unfortunately I had never had a different sort of “job” honestly, I didn’t even consider babysitting one because I was so used to it I honestly just do it because I can, I’m good at it, and I like it. Wow I think I’m good at something, let’s be happy for me. No really, I rarely toot my own horn.
Anyways, this summer has been different because I’ve started a job that requires me to interact with people…a lot. That may not seem like a big deal to you guys, but for me…it’s huge. Because I am awkward with new people. I honestly am, I hardly ever know the right things to say, I don’t always look people in the eyes, I act the same way a well-groomed child should behave. I respect my elders etc etc… But now here, I was to be an equal to others. I had to talk to strangers…regularly! Yikes! I just need you guys to know why this job is worthy of being mentioned here, how it has affected me, why do I care so much? Is it because it’s the absolute greatest job ever and I want to do it forever? No, not exactly, but it’s a wonderful start for me.
First of all, I now work as a cocktail waitress if I am not babysitting. So did you guys guess which job I am going to be telling you about yet? Hard to guess, I know. So here goes, I guess you guys would also benefit from knowing that I’ve wanted to have this experience since I was a kid. Why? Because when she was in Highschool, and starting college my aunt worked at this same location doing the same job, and I wanted to be just like her. Except while she worked there she had like two other jobs but that’s besides the point. Anyways, I wanted to do this during my own high school and college days as a kid. I moved to a different state so there went that dream. Two of my aunts have worked there, and the first one I mentioned, my aunt Ana, she works there now because why not? So when she’s not teaching or any of that, she’s there. I was frustrated because thanks to my lovely amount of qualifications I was failing at finding a job, and I asked her to come and work with her. Somehow I managed to get the job and I was excited, and scared out of my mind. It was really happening. I had to deal with people.
Anyways, my first day came as all first days do, and it was not that scary! Every single person I encountered was absolutely kind to me. The cocktail waitresses had all been the new girl, everyone was used to making sure new people knew what they were doing and so on. I won’t lie, since I am a space head a lot it took me a bit more to break out of my shell. But, at a place where everyone somehow knows your name (curse of being new maybe?), it’s hard not to at least learn faces. So I would wave hello and smile because well somehow it just happened. Still does. I’ve become so familiar with things, and learned so much that I am honestly dreading the distance between school and work. I would seriously stay here to live when I’m not at school if the drive wasn’t so far away. I’ve got some of the sweetest people to work with, the guests are all so nice. Hell, I’ve had to work at weddings where I’ve had to use all four languages I can spew words in: English, Spanish, French, Italian. Some weddings went better than others as far as my language skills, but hey I managed to get people to what they needed. I’ve learned that I am probably destined to be a work-a-holic. I honestly enjoy being there, and doing my job, I love being kept busy. No really, I will help others do their job if my own has been taken care of. Apparently a lot of people think I’m a great worker and really sweet, which if you’re me, you want names so you can thank them to their face for that. It’s also a relief, because again, being me, you worry that maybe you’re messing up everything but no one is willing to tell you. Yes, those fears are being shoved off to the side. The thing is, this place is making me happy, because I am not only working and gaining some great people skills experience, but one of my childhood dreams has come true, and at least to me, it’s a good place to be. Even when not everyone is jolly, the people definitely make it better. They make you want to be there. I’ve even had those conversations with fellow co-workers, no matter what happens, how much the work day may drag, the people make it worthwhile.

I’m sure you guys expected some crazy amazing story about this. Maybe this isn’t what you expected, but for me, it’s better than what I expected. Because I’m so used to people talk about how glad they are at the end of their work day I didn’t expect to be that one person that looks forward to going in to work again. Don’t get me wrong, it is not all sunshine and butterflies and rainbows, no, not at all. Maybe it’s because I’m still so new to it all that I’m still oozing with joy? Maybe it’s that the people overshadow the dullness, maybe I’ve smiled so much more there than out of there lately that it just seems amazing…or maybe I’m just weird, that’s always an option. But, it’s not a happy all the time type of thing, but for now…I’m pretty darn content with it. So my concern is; I have to go hours away in a few weeks, -sigh-.
If this was not what you expected to hear, I’m sorry. There has been no bloodshed, no fight, no dragons being slayed, nothing of that sort of wonderfulness we see in stories…I mean I have to wear long gloves, a ball gown, heels and look decent every day I work if that counts? Which oddly, yes, I get giddy about that too.
Maybe now would be a good time to stop talking?
What do you guys do for work? How much do you guys enjoy your jobs? Your first job? Tell me your favorite work story in the comments! Who makes you laugh? Is there a cranky co-worker?

Until next time, have a good day/night.


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