Babies, Children, love all around!

So I have shared only a very small percentage of the things I enjoy to you all. This time, the thing I am willing to share is my babies all x amount of them. I give no number because there’s many and they keep coming. Don’t worry I have yet to have my own kids yay! But I have taken it upon myself to claim each one of these kids as mine.

I have two younger brothers and a large amount of cousins. Honestly I can talk about these kids day and night, trust me I can…and I have. I have written essays about how awesome I think they are. But don’t worry you won’t get that…yet.
I came to visit family in NJ for well, all summer. And since most or at least a nice chunk of them live here guess who has been spending time with kids?! Yep this girl! Seriously it’s one of the best things in the world for me anyways, to spend time with these kids. One of my cousins who is nine currently has loved me since she was born pretty much. She likes being near me and if I scold her she never takes it as an I hate you. Nope, instead she usually asks if I do because she still wants to be one of my babies. She’s asked me to do her hair and play with her and sleep in her room, and asked to help me make food. That’s just Syra who loves cooking and helping…at times.
There’s little Anay who has turned seven recently and is a sweetheart, lazy with chores, but a sweetheart. She’s so accustomed to my compliments that this week if I try and compliment someone else I get a big “Hey!” from her.
There’s also Kadir who has been my Little Man since the beginning of his days. He’s matured quite a bit. I mean I have honestly questioned trading him for one of my brother. He doesn’t argue about the things he has to do, his room is neater than his younger sisters’ and he gets his school supplies in order the night before. It may seem small but if you knew my kiddies you’d be jumping for joy too. These kids have hugged me and been upset when I don’t feel like playing and they have just been wonderful. Stubborn at times but wonderful as a whole.

I’ve also been able to see two of my other cousins who are just extremely adorable and the cutest giggling babies I’ve seen in a while. Marlen who is just one year old, I barely ever see her but as soon as I was with her she made me feel loved.


Sebastian who is only months old is no longer crying as much!! And that boy giggled and smiled more when I was with him that I think I am fully stocked up in happiness for a week.
I’ve seen my cousins Mia and Sophia and Stephanie and those kids are also a party and a half. Why? They’re silly little girls with big dreams and are always ready for fun. They sit and read or swim and are always willing to include everyone to join them. Readers? Weird right?
I have read to the now three year old Mia and the girl is beyond obsessed with Frozen’s “Let it Go” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman”. We have swam and made videos because sometimes a kid just has to do those. Its been a lot of fun so far so that’s what’s up on my end so far.


We also had some weird pictures

I am a 20 almost 21year old college girl and I am entirely okay with admitting that the fun of my life comes out of the children in my life. I seriously could go more into details about my week so far with them but I can spare you all that. This is a glance at what my summer is turning into so no one be shocked when all I do is mention children. Yes it does happen a lot with me.
How do you guys feel about kids? What are you up to this summer so far?


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