Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

The second book I managed to read/listen to recently is this amazing thing here by Rick Riordan, the final book in the Percy Jackson series. As much as I have stayed far from listening to books I was pretty content with this choice, otherwise I’d probably still need to read it at all, so yes I read this amazing book about mythology and Percy’s adventures. Which yes, I was actually really sad because it was the end of Percy’s adventures, but I absolutely loved this last book. Much like the last four books this one has Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Camp Half-Blood, the Greek Gods, and enough monsters to make you glad you are not a half-blood. The battle is on against the Titan Lord, Kronos in this last book, where Kronos is almost back to full power and has started his plots against the Olympians. He is keeping the Gods busy on one side while sneaking around towards Olympus, but of course the campers are not going to let him get away with it. Percy and his friends suffer some losses and they make sure to keep trying as hard as they can because if Kronos wins Olympus they’re kind of toast. There’s also the question that is still burning within us; who is the spy that continues to give Kronos information? You’ll find out if you read this book. You can also find out what happens to Rachel Elizabeth Dare, how Percy manage to stand up to the Titan Lord himself, how Luke is able to hold the Titan Lord, and was Percy really the child of the prophecy? Was it Nico? We know it can’t be Thalia.

Honestly, I had read books 2-4 wishing to see the god of the Underworld himself again, because come on who doesn’t love Hades in this series? (No seriously he’s awesome). You find out so much in this book about Hades, and Nico and Bianca and their mother, and hell why not show Demeter and Persephone a bit more? Yes, that happened in this book, and as always I enjoyed every ounce of sarcastic and rude remarks made by Hades and Percy. Yes the gods have been portrayed in a light less than favorable, but they’ve got their reasons, and we get to know those in this book. Again, I am very sad that the book is over but I am so happy that what happened happened, except that is, a few deaths. Percy has a family again, I mean even his new step-dad proves how great he can be in a time of crisis, and as usual his mother is completely accepting of her son’s life all while making sure to help wherever she can. Honestly, so much happens in this book that as I am trying  not to give too many spoilers I find myself having images of Clarisse fighting the Apollo cabin, the gods fighting, Hestia’s eyes, the life that could have been with Hades and Maria DiAngelo and so many things! Pretty sure I’m giving away quite a bit…if you have yet to read this and it sounds like your kind of thing, read it, trust me you won’t regret this series.

If you have read it, what do you think? Who are your favorites? What did you like about this particular book? What didn’t you like? Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments!



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