Girltalk by Carol Weston


Okay so remember those books and such I was supposed to keep tabs on and share with you all? Last week was a wee bit more active than I had anticipated, so long story short, I’m just going to tell you guys about the books I’ve read. Book number one was this amazing book by Carol Weston. It is honestly a guidebook for young girls with all of that information that you just need to know in order to live your life. Carol takes on this nice conversational tone throughout the book and tells you the truths about everything from family to friends to dating to sex to drugs to alcohol, all of that fun stuff that we are all wondering about. She includes letters from girls that have sent in their personal questions and concerns and what she has advised them to do about these things. Carol isn’t harsh in the least bit, she cracks jokes here and there all in good fun, gives you real accounts of the topics which she presents whether from someone that she knows, or dun dun dunnnn her own perspective and life experiences. I felt as if I was sitting right there with her listening to her tell me these things, especially when she would decide to insert jokes at pretty serious things. Which honestly, helped. The only concern I have with this book to be entirely honest is, I wish I would have read it sooner in life. I feel that if I had had this book a few years ago even, I’d have pushed myself harder on being a more outgoing and awesome person, I mean I don’t think I have particularly screwed up just yet, but Carol gives great advice and tells it like it is, and recommends girls to get out there and be absolutely one-hundred percent the most amazing girl that they can be! She provides information about places that could get you more help than she could possibly provide in such a small (420 page) paperback, so I think that’s pretty good. Carol let’s the reader know that she is not an expert in these things so yes more help is needed, but she does provide the solid and pretty detailed version of all of the topics which she does touch upon. Read this book! Give this book to a girl you know and love! At least look at it I guess… I know my copy is a bit beaten down, (thank you mild coffee spill) but I know that there are a few sweet little girls who love to read, and with their mother’s permission, they need to read this book. Yes, it will be processed by their mother first because it does have a sex chapter, no nothing gross happens but hey maybe they need to skip that for now since I am pretty sure that’s not part of their life plans just yet. Seriously though, I may have manned up and asked for more help when I needed it, perhaps understood that it was okay and I was not alone at feeling like an idiot at times… oh all of the ifs I now have since reading this book.

I think this book is for any girl, young or old, small or big, whatever you are read it if you get the chance it was worth it. I also have another book that I’ve read this week, but the post on that will most likely be for later, so enjoy Girltalk and I shall see you bloggers later!


and as always, feel free to share in thoughts and ideas in the comments!


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