Birthday Boy and the Sad Movie

Heya Bloggers!

Okay, so yesterday, June 3rd, was a very special day, because it was my baby brother’s birthday! Yay, that kid has turned old as dirt, and by that I mean ten. The reason this is relevant, at all in any way is simple, the kid reads. It all began about three years ago and when big sis (me) left home for college. After I was dropped off at school, and this same brother and my mom cried their eyes out on the way home and he called me at midnight because I should come home and sleep with him and all of that good stuff, this child decided to worship me a bit differently: by reading! That’s right ladies and gents, dreams come true and small boys do decide to read on their own. So what my awesome little brother does is gets himself to my bookshelf and starts to read one of books, according to my mother this kid sat around reading books ahead of his age because, “Carolina likes to read.” I do, I love to read, thanks for noticing baby bro. After that he started gaining his own interests in reading and the awesome child now reads a Zelda manga in less than a day. I personally encourage him to read everything and anything he wants because that’s the fun of books, you find something you like and you better love it and make it the most awesome thing on the planet in your heart. Or hate it and question why such a thing exists…that works too I suppose? Little Sammy has also taught one of our youngest cousins how to read, or the very basics of it. The kid has the patience of a saint!

Anyways, on Sunday he asks me to watch a movie with him. I managed to forget throughout the day because I have the memory of a goldfish. He asks me again in the afternoon and apparently our other brother refused to watch it because it was sad. Sammy proceeds to explain after the movie has begun that his class is reading the Bridge to Terabithia book. Oh boy was I in for it. The thing that surprised me was that somewhere in time my baby brother had become that reader that I admire because well one it’s funny and two why not? He was that person sitting there going, “that’s different than the book” and “that’s not how it happened in the book,” “In the book…” and proceeds to explain the differences. I couldn’t help but be absolutely proud of him because well, who doesn’t compare every detail?

I Figured I’d share this with you all because two of the things I love most in the world are books and kids, and if I can get a child to love to read, or have a small impact at all whatsoever on their love of reading, my day has been made. I can probably tell you guys how it is that Sammy became so good at school, and apparently has been advanced at reading since he started attending school period, but honestly, those thoughts are scattered although there are memories of sitting him down and reading to him. Yeah that probably did it, but as expected it’s a story for another day if there are any other details.



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