Summer Reading Plans!

Heya Bloggers,

Okay, so I suffer from this illness called-procrastination, procrastination is that thing you do where, eh never mind I’ll explain it later. Anyways, this time my procrastination has gotten me away from sharing with you all what my plans for the summer are. So, I believe I have mentioned how much I really want to actually stay here and update on whatever it is that I blog about and will blog about in the future. I also hope to read, because I have slacked real hard on that, I have not been able to sit and read a good bunch of books in years. Which is sad since, well, I kind of enjoy them first of all and second I want to work with them. So, maybe I should befriend them again. So this summer I hope that I can read anything and everything and become a fast paced reader again. No seriously, I feel like I read like a turtle now. When I last sat with the Harry Potter series I read all seven books in a few days. Yes that left me feeling pointless and empty inside but what else can you do when Dementors and Umbridge and the death of Sirius was nearly immediately followed by massive amounts of death in merely days? However, I pulled through this and stopped crying and I did what we must all do when we love books, I moved on. Sort of, I mean seriously, we “the ones we love never truly leave us” so no I didn’t truly leave those crazy Hogwarts kids, and they sure as hell haven’t left me. I mean I quote books more than I can come up with words of my own on normal conversations soo….

Okay, so the thing is, I am going to make a goal to actually read. A lot, and anything and everything I can get my hands on. Since apparently holding others accountable for my progress when I try to do or not do things seems to work, (even if they don’t know I’m doing it in their name) that’s what I am doing now. I am doing this and telling you guys because now, I have to follow through. I will keep you guys updated on how much I read whenever I do post or weekly, anything from articles on blogs, book pages, (which yes I already started two books), stories I find on wattpad and figment, newspaper, magazines, short stories, whatever things I manage to read I will keep track of and I will tell you guys if I find any worth reading.

So to start that off I am going to show you guys a wonderful book I found on figment because since I found it I had to follow this author since this one book alone always manages to make me giggle. So here is Witchcraft and Wizardry for Dummies  by Fred_Weasley. This guy has seriously made me laugh and yes, I do reread this book every once in a while because it’s…well read it. And with that people of the world, I shall take my leave for today. Let me know if there is anything you guys are trying to accomplish that you have procrastinated on, and what your plan is for getting to that goal. Best of luck and



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