No Clutter Summer

Heya Bloggers!

So in my experience in blogging, short as it may be, I realized that I am absolutely obsessed! Yes, obsessed, with certain blogs. Most of which deal with organizing life, and just handy things to know. I read an amazing post today by one of these bloggers and it got me thinking about a few things that I already knew. In this post she spoke of de-cluttering life, all of those things we don’t need just get rid of it. Which I do already, seriously pretty much every summer, Christmas, Easter, whatever break I get from school, I search through my clothes and shove a bunch of clothes into the “donations” pile. Currently, I have a nice chunk of clothes to be donated, and as much as the rest of my family stares at me like a mad person, I still do it. I give up shoes and clothes of my own and have made my younger brothers separate their own belongings, because seriously, young boys know what they like and what they don’t, they know what fits and what doesn’t. If you’re like my family, you probably have a bunch of stuff around that you just don’t use…ever. I’ve had clothes in the attic because of lack of space in my room, and by the time I see them again I just go “oh wow I totally forgot about that.” Which is sad honestly, because much of what I forget are things that now I see myself wearing constantly. So yes go ahead and read this post and see what tips there are that may help you. Personally, I can’t go along with the part about hobbies, because all I do is read, read, read…although I do have to admit I will be more than happy to get rid of those college text books I will never open again. As far as those pleasure books, I am very greedy about, the same goes with a couple of other things, but that stuff I can try and force myself in order to get rid of those crafts and such. I will, however, attempt to be good about getting rid of things that I don’t use very often hobby-wise. Wish me luck! Well kids, happy summer de-cluttering if that’s your sort of thing!

Best of luck, and let me know what your personal thoughts are as far as cleaning and clutter!



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