Defining Success

Hello there Bloggers of the world!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day/weekend/life, first of all. Second, today I would like to talk to you guys about something that I have thought about pretty extensively for, well, all the time I suppose. That my dear friends, is success, what exactly is success and what does it mean to every different individual, especially since in my eyes, success is ridiculously subjective. It’s all about perception-to me anyway. Okay, so defines success as: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals. 

So yes, personal goals, your own goals are what must be met in order to be successful, totally subjective still kids. Whatever your goals may be: getting good grades, getting the job you want, being a housewife (yes I have heard that as an actual life goal, which is totally fine with me), being a great athlete, being rich and famous, whatever in the world it is that you want to accomplish, that is success to you. I mean, why else is it that once the evil villain manages to trap their nemesis they pump their fist and yell “SUCCESS”? Because, well, life goals duh.

Honestly, if you lack goals, you kind of lack drive in my opinion. You are lacking things that are kind of essential to you as a person. We as humans tend to need goals in order to move forward, otherwise we sit around not caring, not wanting, not anything. So, make goals, go for them, even if they’re ridiculous. Trust me, I know ridiculous goals. If you doubt me don’t, ever, because here’s an example of ridiculous goals:

As a kid I loved, loved LOOOOVVEEDD this awesome anime series (which I just saw as cartoons), called Dragon Ball Z. Ever heard of it? If so here is a virtual high-five. Woo! Anyways, there was this series of episodes when Gohan was a teenager and he met this awesome girl named Videl who figured out his super Sayian secret, and she pretty much goes “teach me how to fly”. So what does Gohan do? He tries to teach this girl how to fly, and the process involved meditation in this empty field etc. etc. Eventually, BOOM Videl can fly. I loved this show, a lot. Like I bonded with my dad over it, and now as a twenty year old girl/woman, I still love it, and yes you and I have a high potential of being friends if you talk to me about Dragon Ball Z. Naturally, as a young child who loved this show, and super powers and well anything remotely related I tried this method for flying…I tried a lot. Like I tried it years later when I was in middle school because the pattern was, meditate and you have awesome skills, (this time the desire came back from watching Teen Titans. So that was my goal, or one of them.

There were also my long list of more achievable goals such as: reading endlessly about space and planets and everything that could deal with that because I wanted to be either an astronomer or astronaut. Singing at all times because I wanted to be a singer at one point. Reading everything, everywhere no matter how much it annoyed other people because I wanted to read everything. Reading literally every book my cousin had at her home, and some more advanced for me, because I had to speak this weird language called English. And so the list goes on and on and on yeah…

Anyways, those examples are essential to my point because, I tried to go for those crazy goals. My success honestly, at least for that first example came from learning that although I could not fly, for one thing I didn’t try to learn to fly by jumping off a roof or something. As well as, I at least did tried right? No try no anything. The rest? No, sadly I am not an actress, singer, astronaut, astronomer, or any of that other stuff, but I can read, and woot woot in like four languages now! Wowza! Yes I get excited when I realize that I possess that knowledge. I was able to read and communicate, and as I go on through life, I tend to forget to be proud of myself, my goals and my accomplishments when something goes wrong. Which is another reason for this post. I need to have it out there that no matter how bad it may seem, and how much my personal goals seem to be diminishing and I seem to get nowhere, I need to remind myself that I am not yet close to finishing those goals, I have stepping stones to pass  through before I get to where I want to/need to be. Yes it seems hard as hell, but I need to try because when I don’t or when I let my failures get me down I end up sad. Like, cry-because-I-am-worthless-and-deserving-of-nothing-good-ever sad.

I will take this time to tell you guys of goals I have, short term because I need to focus on those prior to my large ones that I dream of more often than not. So here goes my top ten:

1. Get a job.

2. Manage my time well enough that all of my goals will be met.

3. Exercise

4. Start gardening/learn to garden

5. Read more, faster (pleasure reading again, god how I have missed that!)

6. Be more positive/let less things bring me down

7. Stay in touch! (I tend to disappear from people even when they are very close to me. I need to stay in touch because well…I like them)

8. Spend more time outside! (Because well, why not? it’s summer!)

9. Try some of those awesome Pinterest recipes I have been dying to make!

10. Make more meaningful blog posts. / Keep this blog going

So what about you guys? What are your successes? When did you last feel successful? Have any goals you want to share? Please do!



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