Let it Go for Yourself


Hello again bloggers of all ages!

Okay, so there is this very irritating, very over-rated, very catchy, and just plain awesome song that has glued itself onto all of our minds for the past god knows how long. Ladies and gents, without further ado…”Let it Go” from Frozen, because you know, my gif definitely didn’t let that fact be known. Anyways, I just want to talk about this song and all of the relevance that it actually has: for Elsa, and myself, and everyone I guess?

Elsa sings this song at a time when she is ready to quit pleasing others. She has to let go of all of her past fears, everything that has been holding her back. I got into a conversation about how Elsa was the bad guy and that whole attraction to the bad guy thing happened again. But, I personally don’t see Elsa as the bad guy…are we forgetting that Hans was a thing? Anyways, Elsa has been shoved off on her own and made to be her only friend in a way. Her parents pleaded that she no longer use her powers, because well, it was dangerous, but that didn’t help anything! Elsa hid herself away from her family and kingdom for most of her life because she wanted to protect her sister. Seriously, did anyone else catch that moment of “holy crap it’s Anna! Holy crap hey sis! oh-my-god it’s my sister!” look that she got when she saw Anna before she was crowned? If Elsa had let go of her fears sooner, learned to embrace her powers and used them sooner I am pretty sure nothing bad would have happened…not to those extremes anyways. I mean did anyone else think it was odd that when she thought she would be literally alone forever on her own snowy/ice heaven she was able to build anything and everything she wanted without any problems in seconds? She let go of her worries and fears and showed how fanfreakintastic her gifts were! So take a note from Elsa, be awesome, do your awesome things, embrace your uniqueness, take those gifts that make you you and show the world that it is entirely okay to be different. Show people that having something that separates you from the world is okay, it really, truly is okay. And with any luck maybe you can get yourself an awesome castle out of it too…or something like that. So go out into the world kids, and let it go!
Best of luck,


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