A Letter for the Future Grad….from High School

Dear Bloggers,

So here goes a post that is more life related. Today, while feeling like a gross mess of weakness and nausea I decided to write a letter. Not just any letter, a letter to someone that I know and love, a lot. This person has been there for me since the beginning of time-sort of. She has been around even when I didn’t know I wanted her to be. She’s one of my cousins, and my favorite one at that. I told her how much I care for her, and since she is going to be graduating high school next spring, at the same time period I will be graduating college and thus-travelling off into the real world. So in this letter I aim to tell her the tips that I have learned in my years here. I just want her to be prepared, and although I am probably the last person on Earth who should be giving anyone advice ever, especially about life since well, I barely have one, I decided I should probably give it to her anyway. Some of these things are things that I have experienced in my last three years, and hell, the list that is already bordering on 100, I will probably continue adding to it. I may add to this list, and perhaps even tell you all what it consists of eventually, except a few that talk directly of our lives. I don’t know that this is the greatest thing I will do anytime soon, but it’s still something that I think needed to be done. Why? I was the first in our family to completely leave the nest and go off to college. She looks up to me, she always has. So why not help her out a bit, give her a few tips that I have learned in my days as a big kid, as she embarks on this journey across the country, away from home, a plane ride away from family?

Feel free to let me know what kind of tips I should add to the list, I can let you know if it’s already there or if I had not thought of it. Be warned, it’s already up to 85 😉



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