Let’s take a minute to…Snape talk

Hello bloggers,

So, can we please talk about the Deathly Hallows films? Why? Because ABCFamily chooses to make me cry by showing amazing Harry Potter marathons. Okay, so the films, much like the books, will always have something new to throw into a discussion. Right? This time, I noticed that Snape as a person, he is tired. He is tired of this war, of Voldemort, of all the things he has to do. I mean, Alan Rickman has completely added on to my love for Snape. I mean, in the beginning of DH2 we can see him standing there watching his students march to the top of the castle and he no longer has that look of pure irritation at these little pains in his butt, he looks sympathetic, like he’s ready to call it quits. I mean, how many more lives must suffer for the things he has to do? Severus Snape has always been one of my favorites, (yes this includes when he made fun of Neville and Hermione, even though I love them as well.) Anyways, Snape just looks like he has had enough, enough bullshit from both Voldy and Dumbles. All he wanted was to keep Lily safe, when that failed, okay repay her with her child’s safety, but he knows Dumbledore’s plan for him so what’s the use anyway? He’s assisting in the death of Harry ultimately. He is sacrificing everything to keep this kid safe and take down the Dark Lord himself. Snape is not only a badass wizard, but Alan Rickman just keeps adding to the amazingness that is Snape as a person as well.

What do you all think? How do you feel about Snape?


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