Boys and girls, friends. “Are you dating?”

Hello bloggers,

Okay so it has been awhile, and I am truly sorry for that. I think I’m going to have to change how often I post to just once a week. Either way, I’ve got a new topic for discussion this time. So yay, conversations.

So question: was I the only girl who would get the infamous “are you guys dating?”, “is he your boyfriend?” Whenever I was around my guy friends? I mean, I very distinctly remember this question being brought up at the middle school I had transferred to. I was walking around during recess with a friend who oddly enough had been at my previous school and moved to the same one I had. Naturally we were catching up and just talking. We were asked by one of his friends if we were dating. Which, is that the only way kids can be friends? Or anyone really. Because I have been asked this question not only in the 7th grade, but just about any time I was good friends with a boy. And I know others with that issue. Is it that weird for some people to see a boy and a girl who just enjoy being near each other and talking and spending time together without dating? Don’t get me wrong, yes friends can end up dating but, what are the odds that you will date every friend you make? Because this can and does apply to anyone.
I thought it was a dumb assumption when I was 12, and now at the lovely age of 20 I still think so. I mean really, there are plenty more things to say and ask in these situations. “You made a friend?” Just kidding children, be kind to one another.
So was this a worthless question/rant? What do you guys think?


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