Who is busier?, the game

Hello fellow bloggers,
I would like to, first of all apologize for my absence lately. Second, I have a topic that I have found to be an issue, especially within the past year for those around me. Its this lovely game where you merely comment to a person what you’re doing or going to do, and they tell you a long overly dramatized list of what they have to do. As if your stuff is less important than theirs, or if your stuff is a joke compared to theirs. The thing about this is, no one can really compare these things because while it may take you ten minutes to read a chapter, it may take me thirty. While you find interest in the work, which we all know helps things be done faster, I may find it dull and last a day on it. So you can’t go around giving people this list of stuff as if other people have nothing. Comparison shouldn’t be a thing. Especially in college where people do all sorts of things all the time, hell at times they may forget one or two. My point is, if someone tells you that they are busy don’t act like their business is any less important than yours. Don’t act superior to anyone because you have so much on your plate, because it really irritates people. If you have to deal with these types of people, just roll your eyes and go away if telling them doesn’t work.
Best of luck,

Do you guys know these types of people? How do you deal with them?
Feel free to let me know.


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