Stereotypical highschool

Hello bloggers,
Today I want to talk to you all about something that has always been a question for me. Something that made me, honestly, a little fearful as a child. What could this be exactly? Highschool as portrayed on television and films.
You guys know what I mean, right? Either you live in a world with these cliques that you’re pretty much completely stuck with until god knows when. You find yourself in a place where jocks can’t be nice or smart because it would ruin their reputation or god forbid the popular jock fall in the trap of liking a nerd! Gasp! You guys know what I mean though, things like Highschool Musical, That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Mean Girls, and just about everything that has ever involved a highschool and teens.
As a child I would watch these and think “wow, highschool is going to be a whirlwind…oh man, I’m going to be a friendless loser….wow are the cliques really that bad?? Etc. Etc.” However, my sister assured me once she was in highschool that no, that was not at all what it was like. Which made me feel better. So my days of being a shy, quiet and feeling completely outside were not the fault of others. I also realized once I was in highschool myself, that no there were no cliques. I mean, yes they existed to an extent, clearly people have their friends, acquaintances and then whatever else there may be. You don’t always know what’s going on with that kid you talk to on occasion in chemistry when you’re made partners, but you don’t hate them enough to be rude in the halls. My point is, that crazy level of jocks being high and mighty and held at this level of wonder above everything, was not what I experienced. I mean yeah they probably thought they were the best people ever, but I guess everyone’s proud of their own work even if not everyone agrees. Hell, I was lucky enough that my school, although football was a huge thing, the school officials recognized that arts programs deserved love too. So once we had a new principal, he made sure to fix the auditorium for the drama department, and music department and anyone else who did anything there. That was a shocker to people, because the man was a football coach. Gasp! Again, I don’t see the level of crazy media highschool in my own reality. Yes highschool is a pain, and yes it was a weird time of “what do I do with myself??” But I wasn’t really afraid of bursting into song after a while, I didn’t fear the mean cheerleader doing awful things to me for no reason. No “they’re them, and we’re better, we don’t mix”. I was that weird kid who just, honestly I’m still getting comfortable in my own skin, and looking back at it, I got along with everyone somehow. Maybe it was because I barely talked? Whatever the reason was, I learned that as long as you aren’t mean, no one should be mean to you. Unless you know you meet that ONE person that purposefully dislikes others for small reasons. Luckily, those are rare…I think.
Anyways, I hope you guys share with me your own experiences. Was I the only one with this type of experience? What was/is your your highschool like?



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