Studying for Lazy People

Hello again everyone,

So today I want to talk to you about something that most people I know (myself included) hate to do. Students of all ages, studying that which makes us shake in our boots. I don’t know about most of you, but I for one am just bad at studying. I try hard as I might, I make plans to get through it I work and then somehow I end up staring at the ceiling for a good three hours. Why? Because I lack focus, and I can’t sit still to read a textbook or notes and just be there for hours. I learned a good method that I am sure a lot of you know, but helping my brother yesterday I learned that probably not everyone is on that boat yet. 
So here are my solutions, all simple and all for lazy people like myself:
1. Pay attention!
That’s so weird right? No. Pay attention to what your teacher says! In class just listen. Trust me it helps.
2.Flash Cards!
Make flashcards because when you make them, you are flipping through notes and your book for what to write. This makes the information keeps entering your mind. It works for me in foreign languages, I write first the french then the English and as I read and write, that repetition does do something. Don’t forget to review these, just a bit every day helps.
3. Get friends!
Studying with friends is a great idea, no doubt about it. This one I say because you know something they may not and vice versa, so when put together you’ll understand those things you weren’t quite getting. Plus, more repetition!
4. Use your own words!!
This one is my absolute favorite honestly, because I am bad with remembering things that bore me half way through. So I find ways to make it all click. Not only are my notes in my own weird words but when I study with my friends I explain them in my own words. Sometimes its really random when I say it but it helps me on tests and such. Seriously, I had notes from my English classes where I fought with characters from Shakespeare plays, “dam it Angelo STOP TRYING TO SLEEP WITH HER…SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GET IT ON WITH YOU…GODDAMNIT IS EVERYONE IN THIS STUPID?” Those can actually be found in my notes…and things such as “so basically Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants…again” and oddly enough, I know exactly what play and poem that came from, and what was going on. So don’t be afraid to have weird notes, you know, as long as you know what you’re rambling about.
5. Don’t forget!
To take breaks and have snacks. Those help, who knew studying would involve a reward right? Well it does, so use this to your advantage!
Good luck.


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