Let’s Talk Older Siblings: Supernatural, Mortal Instruments, Revolution, Hunger Games

Hello fellow bloggers,

Okay, so if you are anything like me, then you probably spend more time than you should watching series online because your friends tell you to watch this great show, and next thing you know you refuse to do much until you are caught up. You spend endless amounts of time reading a book, deciphering everything that the book can possibly mean and questioning absolutely everything that you have just read. You have these feelings about the plot, characters, setting, background, and god knows what else. That’s what you do as a reader or viewer or listener, whatever it is that you do to get the gears in your head going. Here’s a thing about me, I too do this, I do this more than I probably should.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the roles that family, particularly siblings play in books and shows that I have been watching lately. I realized that it is not a dream sequence that holds our ties together. While watching Supernatural I fell absolutely in love with the relationship between Sam and Dean. Why? Because Dean was willing to do literally anything for his baby brother. He was willing to risk his life, everyone else’s life and hell, his own happiness in order to protect his baby brother! That’s probably the biggest part of why I continued to like the show and was thrown into fits of emotion when something threatened either Winchester boy.

Then comes a book series by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments, where the Lightwood kids are so close that they hold secrets for each other. Izzy Lightwood is just extremely close to my heart because this girl knows her brother Alec’s secret and she makes sure that nothing threatens it. Alec seriously cannot reveal himself, and even when someone else (Clary) figures this out for herself, it is still not good, and Izzy let’s that be known. Izzy gets absolutely traumatized when she is unable to protect her brother, when Max dies she is no longer what she once was. She was a mess, and while that makes her more human and relate-able as a character it just shows what she is like as a sister in general. She protects those boys with everything she’s got, Jace was her brother and she didn’t care what anyone said against it, and even when he made bad life choices she stood by his side because she knew him, she knew her brother the oh so narcissistic Jace Wayland, (although I still think it should be Lightwood).  Locking herself in her room in blame for what happens to her baby brother, holding secrets for her elder brother, and trusting and having faith in the last brother she has, those are pretty awesome qualities in Isabelle.

There’s also the case of Charlie Matheson in Revolution, Charlie, who despite all that has happened in her life is still just a normal girl. That is until she loses her father and brother of course. She can’t bring her father back from the dead but she can go ahead and rescue her baby brother, and that’s what she does. She isn’t a fighter, she isn’t a killer, and she is in my opinion, way in over her head. She’s going to go against an entire militia and into new places just to get her brother back safely. Her entire journey, everything that happens, from her having to convince her uncle to assist her, to learning to trick people, to her first kill and treachery against others, she becomes this completely different person than what she was. This young girl who is afraid of watching her uncle kill a man, to having to kill herself. She changes like this not just because of hardships, but because she has to get her brother back. It is about her brother, that is the reason she left her home, that is the reason she goes off into the unknown, that is the reason she gets caught up in a war for freedom against the guys with the big guns.

Of course I can’t finish this off without talking about the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne Colins The Hunger Games. Let’s be honest, Prim was the reason anything really affected Katniss. Katniss knew she lived in a society of injustice and cruelty, she knew that even the slightest toe out of line would create chaos or at the very least kill her family. However, what really triggers her is when her baby sister gets reaped for the Games. From the start we see that Katniss has this special connection, where she wants to serve as guardian to her sister. She only really feels connected to Prim, where she holds her mother in contempt and honestly, kind of hates her. Katniss begs Gale and her mother to take care of Prim, she asks Gale to watch for her mother and sister, and her mother to make sure to actually be there for Prim. She wants Prim to have as much of a normal life as possible in this strange and extremely unfair society that they live in. Katniss takes Prim’s place in the Hunger Games because she wants to protect her! That was the initial spark, this is why Katniss was such a threat, because the Capitol was not used to this behavior, a volunteer? It gets mentioned that Katniss has that in her favor, that this makes her special, that she has real feelings that she can go ahead and act this bravely although we know she’s shaking in her boots the entire time and scared for her dear life, but she goes ahead, and she pulls through, for Prim.

So, why is this post all about siblings? Why do I think that this is so important that I had to write a good 700 words on it? Easy, I have these two amazing younger brothers myself, and I can relate to these characters that will do anything and everything for their siblings. My brothers are not always on my good side, like any normal set of siblings we argue, I yell at them to do things (clean their room, turn down the t.v., stop yelling through the xbox, the list goes on). However, I wouldn’t trade my two weirdos for anything, and if anything or anyone tries to hurt them I will probably become a Katniss or Dean or Charlie or Isabelle myself. I try my best to help my brothers in any way that I can. I have a great relationship with them, where sometimes I learn a little too much about these kids, but on the bright side, this strange amount of trust that they have bestowed upon me let’s me be confident that they won’t be able to get away with any illegal activities. In the fourteen years that I have had my brother(s), I have learned to be patient beyond belief, I have read to them, made up weird songs and bedtime stories, I have played games and made them up, and done god knows how many random things from super secret handshakes, to being just plain weird everywhere we go. My brothers are awesome, and we will play jokes on each other, and on others, and even when they get on my absolute LAST nerve, they come back, and I come back and we laugh at something completely random together because that’s what good siblings do. Or so I think anyway.

What about the rest of you? How do you feel about siblings? Have any of your own? What’s your relationship like with them? How do you feel about the ones you read about or watch?

P.S. Yes, there are many, many other books and shows and movies where we can find these relationships and more, but I chose the lazy route and only did these…for now. So feel free to share!


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