Book Discussion: Looking for Alaska!

Book Discussion Time!

Have any of you guys read any good books lately? If so, which ones? How did you guys feel about them? I recently read John Green’s, Looking for Alaska, and let me tell you guys: what. the. hell?! I was feeling like Pudge a lot of times, because I too seek this Great Perhaps, I was awkward and wanted to know what it was like to have a good group of friends to blend in with. To have a group to be comfortable with and just live a life that will be fun and adventurous in some way or another. Honestly, what I wanted as a middle schooler-highschooler and even freshman at college, I wanted to feel like I was capable of trusting, or being a normal kid, like the ones I read about. I wanted to be this person that would have this crazy wonderful, gut-feeling of wow my life may not always be a party but when it gets good, it. gets. good. Looking back at it, I think maybe I was just too focused on my fictional worlds to realize there were others doing not only what I was doing, but also willing to share in theirs. Now back to Alaska and its wonderful content, I thought that Takumi was great, and Alaska was ridiculous. I loved the book, but seriously, when will books stop making me go insane with emotions and stop making me flail like an idiot as I read them? I will also ask you guys this discussion question that was in the back of the book: Did you like any of the characters? Do you think it’s important to like characters that you read about?

My personal response to this is yes, I did like the characters in their own ways. Although Alaska less than the rest. However, I don’t think it’s important to particularly like the characters I read about, but more as to having any real feelings towards them. For example, Umbridge, as I read Order of the Phoenix, I wanted her to die and burn in the deepest pits of hell. The Dursley’s made me want to scream every time they did just about anything. These emotions made me a bit freaked out but also very proud, because it’s not all the time that you can be so infuriated with made up characters like that. I think it’s important to feel relate-able, and have some emotion, something real, something that really stirs up your insides about the characters that you have read about.

What do you guys think?



6 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Looking for Alaska!

  1. Hey, I just started reading Looking For Alaska, the second book I’m reading from John Green.

    It’s not necessary to like the characters but it’s necessary to feel something about them. I think it’s the author’s ability to characterize each person in a story so reader’s will continue to read until the end.


    I also wanted to write novels and in the process of making one and it’s killing me.


    • Exactly! It’s more about having some type of feeling towards them.
      Feel free to talk to me about it once you finish reading it.
      Writing, that other thing that kills me from within. I am on a slump as far as writing goes, but I like to help with critique and reading for some of my friends who also write. Have you tried any writers websites? My friend convinced me to join figment in order to have a place to share my own stories, although I haven’t posted much. (If that’s your type of thing of course). Good luck on your story!


      • Aw, I’m actually on Wattpad. Been posting just poetry there since a whole story takes a lot of time. You may want to check it wattpad/

        Let me know how you think of my works. Or show me your works, too if you don’t mind.


      • I am not on wattpad but I can go ahead and look at yours sometime. I just looked at some of your blog and I like what I’ve read so far, so I will follow you. As far as my own writing goes, I am very bad about posting my own works unless I am entirely okay with it and have edited the life out of it.


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