A little on me

Hello fellow bloggers,

I wanted to start out this blog by sharing a little about myself first, it won’t be much but it should be enough to make sense of whatever I may say in the future. First, I am a 20 year old college girl. Some of my favourite things include writing, reading, babysitting, completely making things up for those same children, drawing, learning new languages and other cultures, and honestly just doing spontaneous things. I am going to write in this blog about things that I find interesting, things that I personally feel that would apply to someone other than myself, and just things that I think you all out there could benefit from out of my life. One big thing about me is that I like to see others happy, I like to be supportive and try and motivate others into doing what they want to do, even by merely dragging them off a bed or chair or even the floor (yes I have seen all of the above, myself included). Anyways, I hope you all like what I have to say, and if not, tell me why not, I like hearing new things.

Please bear with me as I go on this strange journey some like to call adulthood, and I will hopefully do it as gracefully as possible.



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